Sweet Doberman demands kisses in viral video

KornBread the Doberman demands kisses
(Image credit: TikTok / @odddrx)

If you thought your dog was clingy, meet KornBred, the sweet Doberman whose demand for kisses has thrilled the Internet.

In a viral video posted to TikTok by @odddrx and seen over 899,000 times with 220K likes, the persistent pooch can be seen sitting with her snout pressed against her owner turned away from the camera.

Despite her owner's pleas to say hello to her audience by turning her head, the adorable hound continues to press her face against her owner's in expectation of kisses. 

Even when her owner attempts to entice the needy pooch to move her face by moving the camera herself or pressing upon the dog's cheek, KornBred remains steadfast in her belief that her owner will shower her with affection and keeps upfront and center of the shot. 

"She won’t leave if she don’t get 'em," her owner wrote on TikTok. 


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Since the video was posted on March 1, the loving 2-year-old Doberman has become a bit of an Internet star not only on TikTok but also over on Reddit's WhatWrongWithYourDog channel, where the sweet video was also shared.

Many netizens immediately fell in love with the needy dog, asking for more KornBread content and swooning over the dog's sweet nature.

"When a dog looks at you like that, I mean just stares at you.... it means they really really love you," wrote @multiplex360

Reignsalott suggested that the dog's actions were breed-related. " [It's] a Doberman thing, so weird but I love them."

It is true that the majestic Doberman makes for a great family companion, providing that their owner has the time and energy to lavish them with love.

Although the breed is often regarded as an aggressive protection dog bred to guard their owners, over time the breed has become much gentler.  With good early socialization and obedience training, Dobermans can become much-loved family pets.  

Let's hope KornBread continues to delight the Internet with more of her sweet-natured antics in the future! 

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