Guilty dog has Internet in stitches with hilarious reaction to knocking over plant

Guilty dog Storm stood outside next to Zia
(Image credit: @amberly_kate/Instagram)

A guilty dog, a knocked over plant pot and a devious sibling who doesn’t hesitate to throw their furry friend under the bus all come together to make one of the most hilarious TikTok clips we’ve seen in ages. 

If you’ve ever wondered if dogs feel remorse, this clip certainly answers the question with Storm the Doberman looking more than a little guilty and ashamed when his owner starts questioning him over the plant lying on its side on the floor.

But Storm may never have been discovered as the culprit if it weren’t for sibling Zia, who’s quick to point her paw when it looks like she might cop the blame.

In the background, Zia’s mama, Amberly Zamora, can be heard asking about the plant she calls ‘Pam the palm’. “Zia, was it you? Zia. Did you knock her down?” Shifting uncomfortably with her ears back, the pooch starts making small sounds and gesturing to her side.


Let’s take a vote. Who did it? Zia or Storm? ##doberman ##dobie ##dobermans_of_tiktok ##guilty ##pamthepalm ##petsoftiktok ##troublemakers

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Zamora then pans over in the direction of where Zia is looking and we get our first glimpse of Storm who’s standing near Pam the palm with eyes downcast. “Was it Storm?” Zamora can be heard asking, “Storm did you know Pam down? Was it you?”

The guilty looking pooch then begins to move at what can only be described as a snail's pace, trying to tip-toe past Zamora in the hope she won’t notice. She captioned the clip: “Let’s take a vote. Who did it? Zia or Storm?”

Watched more than 12 million times since it was shared at the end of August, TikTokers have voted overwhelmingly in favor of Storm being the guilty culprit, but they’re quick to point out Zia isn’t blameless with Glamzilla saying: “That dog is a snitch.” Jessica Bryan Hernandez agreed, adding: “Zia totally tattled.”

Other watchers question whether Storm can even be apprehended for the crime given how slowly the Doberman is moving with Pollypocketsy joking: “Storm is moving in slow-mo therefore doesn’t exist. I can confirm it wasn’t Storm.” 

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