Ring-bearer dog poses in newlyweds photo and breaks the Internet

Ring-bearer dog steals the show in couples wedding photo
(Image credit: @Emily_Brier_/Twitter)

While it’s usually the bride who steals the show at her wedding, a ring-bearer dog was snapped striking a pose in these newlyweds photo and is now an Internet sensation. When user Emily Brier, posted the hilarious wedding picture on Twitter, it quickly gained 67.5 likes and 3k retweets.

She explains that her partner’s dog Henry was the chosen ring-bearer, and the funny snap was taken as the minister officiated their elopement. The caption alongside the photo was: ‘Have we discussed how Henry was the ring bear(er) at our elopement and stole the show with this one single photo.’

It was Henry’s expression that was at the center of a flood of netizen comments. One commenter said, ‘Were you going for an evocation and reversal of the Disaster Girl meme with this photo?’. While another gushed, ‘This is the best wedding photo of ALL TIME. I hope you have framed versions of it hanging in every room of your house so you are never in a space where you can’t see this photo.’ Many wished the couple well and praised the fantastic snap. 

After seeing the photo of Henry on their happy day, Brier was suddenly caught by just how big their forever friend is. "We also got a shot of us walking with him and it was the first time I think I understood why people stare when I walk him by myself because OMG MASSIVE PUP!"

As for what Henry was thinking when he was snapped, Brier has a few ideas: “My parents are getting MARRIED! I’m a DOG! What’s HAPPENING!” 

It was certainly a wedding ceremony to remember for Henry who was the main star of the day and Brier wouldn’t have had it any other way. “He’s so goofy all the time but this was magnificent,” she said and we have to agree - Henry definitely made this shot the ultimutt wedding snap!

Cynthia Lawrence

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