Friendly dog waves goodbye to supermarket shoppers in heartwarming video

Friendly dog waves goodbye to supermarket shoppers
(Image credit: ViralHog)

Filmed waving goodbye to everyone as they exited the supermarket, a friendly dog has quickly gone viral after being captured in the act by a shopper in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In the heart-melting clip that’s been viewed over 100,000 times in 24 hours, the adorable little dog lifts her paw in a wave as customers leave the supermarket with their food-laden trolleys and bags.

As each shopper spots the dog, they stop to acknowledge her before heading on their way. And if you thought that was sweet, wait until you hear her backstory.

Little Agusta was found barely alive on the streets of Sao Paulo by an animal rescue group who quickly took her to a hospital where she spent a week recovering before her now owner reached out to adopt her.

In a far cry from her days as a stray, Agusta now lives a happy and healthy life with her owner, eight feline siblings, and several doggy siblings, but she spends most of the day away from home with her human dad in his shop where he customizes motorcycles. 

On his way home from work he often stops at the local supermarket where Agusta sets up camp outside and takes on the honorary role of “HR & Greetings Manager,” a job she clearly takes very seriously!

One YouTuber called Night Flower writes: “Everyone around the area knows her, including the people at the grocery store, where she often wanders because people like her so much they feed her yummy treats. Her owner said she once came back home, holding with her mouth, a goodie bag they had gifted her there.”

We don’t know if we’ll see more clips of this friendly dog in the future but one thing we do know is that the world is a brighter place for the residents of Sao Paulo as long as Agusta is in it. 

Kathryn Williams
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