Watch this adorable Pomeranian mix see for the first time post-cataract surgery

Luca the Pomeranian
(Image credit: Imgur/Reddit u/snuzieq)

When Reddit user SnuzieQ adopted Luca the Pomeranian/Maltese mix several years ago, the poor one-year-old pup already had cataracts. 

But just recently, Luca had a life-saving cataract surgery that restored his eyesight, and the video is so adorable it just might make you cry. 

Check it out below, and read on for more details about Luca and his peepers. 

my_dog_seeing_for_the_first_time_postcataract from r/aww

As you can see from the video, Luca is wearing the traditional cone of shame to help prevent him from scratching around his eyes - especially since the doctors shaved the fur around them. 

The cone also has a screen over it likely to protect his eyes from the sun. But you can tell that Luca is enjoying his restored vision. He is sitting calmly, looking out into the sun-dappled woods, relaxed and scanning his surroundings. It's a beautiful sight to see. 

According to Luca's owner, Luca was adopted with cataracts. 

They explain a bit more of Luca's background in the Reddit comments, writing, "He had cataracts from the time I adopted him at about age 1. They have progressively gotten worse and have rendered him mostly blind (though he got around quite well and still could see a tiny bit out of the corners of the retina) for at least a year. He is about 4 now." 

Cataract surgery for dogs is oftentimes successful, with 95% of patients regaining vision immediately after recovery, according to EthosVetcom. 

But the surgery can be quite expensive (we're talking thousands of dollars), and older dogs may not qualify for the surgery if they have other health issues.

"It was a tough decision as it was really expensive and the aftercare is a pretty intense schedule, and I HATE seeing him in pain. But today, getting to watch him see his world and seem like he was absolutely enthralled has made it all worth it," SnuzieQ writes.

They also posted post-op pictures of Luca on imgur, where you can see the shaved bits around his eyes more clearly. This story is so beautiful you can't help but smile.