Watch: Well-trained Malinois uses toilet like a human

(Image credit: Twitter/@____B_S____)

One of the worst parts of taking dogs for a walk is stopping every now and then so they can take a pee.

But while responsible pet lovers would always follow dog walking etiquette (especially so when it comes to scooping that poop), it would appear one owner has fewer things to worry about than most!

In a video posted on Twitter, a Belgian Malinois is shown taking a pee in a toilet and it would appear that it's not the first time either!

The dog enters the bathroom, flips the lid, wees and then flushes the waste away, nimbly popping the lid back down in the process. What's more, despite not lifting the seat, the pup's aim is rather impressive!

Then again, Belgian Malinois are known to be smart although, in the UK, they could be the next breed to be added to the banned list because many people are not equipped to deal with such an intelligent and highly energetic dog.

The breed is certainly more highly strung than its German Shepherd cousins but a confident, patient owner can train a Belgian Malinois well, as we can see here!

Commenters certainly expressed their approval. “Omg that's amazing!” wrote one, with another adding “probably better aim than many men.”

But, curiously, another poster shared a video of their dog going a little further and sitting on the seat to do their business! It takes learning how to potty train an older dog to another level.

David Crookes

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