“Is that a wolf or a dog?” Woman walking massive beast in viral video leaves viewers stunned

Woman walking giant dog
(Image credit: YouTube)

A viral video that shows a woman walking a massive mystery pet has left viewers around the world shaking their head in amazement as they try to figure out exactly what the creature is.

While the location in the U.S. where the footage was filmed remains unclear, a parent and child can be heard in the background discussing the beast.

“Is that a wolf or a dog?” the woman asks, with the child replying “that’s a dog, mom.” 

Posted on the video-blog website, Worldstar, the short clip has quickly racked up more than half a million views and over 4,000 comments, with netizens engaging in a hearty debate to try and figure out the creature's lineage.

“That's an Irish Wolfhound. Those dogs get huge,” one user wrote, with another jokingly chiming in with “it looks like a hyena.”

While Irish Wolfhound got the most votes amongst those commenting, other suggestions included a Great Dane mix, wolf, and Scottish Deerhound. 

Another user thinks they have it sussed, stating “That's a half Wolf, half German Shepherd. I own one myself. That's not even the biggest they get. I'm 6'6" and it can get its paws up to my shoulders on its hind legs. But they are so sweet, wouldn't harm anyone.”

Game of Thrones fans also chimed in, suggesting that “She got Jon Snow's Dire wolf out there,” a reference to the six pups that the character adopted and raised in the hit TV show.

Both the woman and the creature in the video remain a mystery, but one things for sure - they’ve certainly got us all talking! 

Kathryn Williams
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