Can dogs eat cucumbers? Dietary advice and feeding tips

can dogs eat cucumbers
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Can dogs eat cucumbers? The vegetable is a healthy addition to human meals, but are they safe for your pooch to snack on?

Your dog may love eying whatever is on your plate, or stand by you when you're cutting up food in the kitchen, but that doesn't mean everything we eat is safe for them. Dogs are omnivores, which means they can eat both meat and vegetables, but that doesn't mean they can eat every veggie. Where does cucumber land?

It's normal to ask what human foods can dogs eat? Every responsible owner should check if a food is safe before they feed it to their dogs. Some human foods can be very dangerous to your dog, while others are safe but only in moderation. 

There are dog owners who believe in sticking with just the best dog food and healthy dog treats and avoiding people food entirely - especially feeding your dog straight from your plate. But if you're an owner who wants to occasionally treat your dog to a fresh veggie or something else you'd normally munch on yourself, it's essential that you know what is and isn't safe.

Dogs can eat cucumber - it's actually quite healthy for them! But as with any new food, there are some steps you should take to ensure it sits well with your canine. Read on for everything we know about dogs and cucumbers.

Are cucumbers good for dogs?

Cucumbers are safe for dogs, and are actually a great low-calorie option that provides a very satisfying crunch for your dog. A half-cup of sliced cucumber is about eight calories, whereas a single Milk Bone treat is 40 calories. Plus cucumbers have a high water content, so they offer a ton of hydration for your dog while being very low in sodium and fat.

Cucumbers are considered a great snack for dogs - especially those who may need to lose a little weight. Not only are they 96% water, but they contain nutrients like vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium. 

When are cucumbers bad for dogs?

The only real issue you should be concerned with when feeding your dog cucumbers is that they may like them a bit too much and could choke on them - or overeat them, which can cause an upset stomach

Make sure you cut cucumbers into small, manageable bites - especially if you have a tiny dog or a notoriously fast eater. Do not feed them a whole, uncut cucumber. And while cucumbers are safe and healthy for dogs, overeating any kind of food can cause an upset stomach. 

And pickles are not good for dogs, besides being basically just marinated cucumbers Pickles have a lot of spices and salt that can upset your dog's stomach and add unnecessary things to their diet. 

Can dogs eat cucumbers

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Tips on feeding your dog cucumber

Cut cucumbers down to small, bite-sized bits, and slowly introduce them into your dog's diet. 

Look to try the 10% rule, which means treats only make up 10% of your dog's daily diet - so consider that when portioning your doggy's snacks. Keep an eye out for any adverse reactions or potential choking when giving your dog cucumbers.


Cucumbers are a healthy snack that are a great thing to mix into your dog's daily diet. Remember, as with any snack, that moderation is key, and a slow introduction is smart to ensure there's no GI upset or choking. 

Cut cucumbers into bite-sized bits and make sure to supervise your dog when they try it for the first time. But once you know your dog can handle some cukes, you'll find that they love them. Not only are they nutritious and full of water, but they offer an incredibly satisfying crunch that will delight your dog.