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Dog wearing tuxedo
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We all love our dogs, but what could make them even more lovable? A cute and cool tuxedo goes a long way to making them more adorable than ever. As soon as you put one on your pet pooch its cute value will go up tenfold. They are perfect for special occasions. Dress up your dog for birthday parties, weddings, and competitions to make sure you have the cutest companion that everyone will notice. Check out our picks for every occasion.

Top pick

Dog wearing tuxedo

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Rubie's Dapper Dog Pet Costume

Go formal with this tuxedo and hat combo

If you want your dog to look dapper then this outfit is definitely one to consider. It comes with a formal tuxedo jacket with tails ensuring your dog is smart for every special occasion you want to take them to. It boasts a white shirt and bow tie, but for a little extra panache the outfit includes its very own classic pork pie style hat. It comes in all sizes, making it ideal for small and large dogs.

Ideal for small dogs

Dog wearing tuxedo

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Small Puppy Harness with Bowtie

Bring on the cutetsy factor with this adorable pet vest harness

If you are a small/medium dog owner you are going to love this cute, adorable, hard-to-resist dog harness. As soon as your pooch puts this on, everyone will be giving them adoring glances. The harness includes a matching leash and is made from 100% breathable high-quality polyester. This makes it sweat and moisture-resistant to keep your dog cool and dry. If you fancy something slightly different from the traditional black and white you can up the cute value with a blue or red plaid outfit.  

Best budget option

Dog wearing tuxedo

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Lillian Rose Wedding Party Tuxedo Dog Collar

A quick and easy to put on tuxedo style dog collar

Not every dog likes to get dressed up, but most dogs are not bothered by wearing an everyday collar, so this tuxedo dog collar provides the ideal solution for those owners who want to give their furry friend a touch of style and class. The front of the collar shows off a black satin bow with a black and white button lapel. The polyester collar fits dogs who have a 7-16 inch neck and quickly attaches with a button for instant cool.

Best two-piece set

Dog wearing tuxedo

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Dog Tuxedo Dog Suit and Bandana Set

Smarten up your favorite canine friend with this two-piece set

This dog tuxedo is a two-piece set that combines a formal dog tuxedo and a dog wedding bandana set. They are easy to put on with a hoop and loop closure that fits around the neck and chest. You can choose to wear both for a more formal ‘James Bond’ feel or they can be worn separately for a more casual look. There are various sizes available - S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL - with fits for small, medium, and large dog breeds.

Best for weddings

Dog wearing tuxedo

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Dora Bridal Formal Dog Tuxedo

Get a smart and sophisticated canine by slipping on this shirt and bowtie combo

If you are off to a wedding and want to make sure that your pet pooch is dressed to impress then this formal dog tuxedo ticks all the right boxes. The two-piece suit is made of soft cotton, is lightweight, and is hand and machine washable. The outfit is easy to put on and take off, ideal if you simply want to only put on the collar, with its sharp red bow tie, or the coat as well. It comes in five different sizes making it suitable for medium and large dogs.

Best tuxedo bow tie

Dog tuxedo

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Tail Trends Formal Dog Tuxedo Dog Wedding Bandana

A choice of tuxedo styles for any occasion

There’s never a wrong time to dress up your furry friend, and these dog tuxedos come in a variety of styles and colors. They are offered in different styles and colors to fit any dress code. Each comes with a bow tie, three buttons, and offers a scoop neckline for extra comfort, across neck sizes from 6-26 inch. The bandana can be slipped on quickly, or for a more permanent fixture it converts into a slip-over-the-collar bandana.

How to choose the best dog tuxedo

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Whatever the reason you want to dress up your canine pal we have picked a selection for all occasions. Our top pick is the Rubie's Dapper Dog Pet Costume which offers smart and formal with the added bonus of a hat. Alternatively, why not try out Dog Tuxedo Dog Suit and Bandana Set, a two-piece set where your pet pooch can go for a touch of the James Bond or something a little more casual. If you are off to a wedding then Dora Bridal Formal Dog Tuxedo shouts smart and sophisticated.

If you want all-out cute and adorable then you need the Small Puppy Harness with Bowtie. However, if your pooch isn’t the type who is too keen on getting dressed up you should try the Lillian Rose Wedding Party Tuxedo Dog Collar for an easy to put on option.


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