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Dog water bottle
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Dogs, like humans, need to drink often to keep hydrated. And if you are out for a few hours, it is essential that your favorite furry friend can get a fresh supply of drinking water. There may be lakes and rivers nearby, but you’re never quite sure what might be in the water, so a portable dog water bottle is the ideal solution to ensure that your pet gets the clean water they need. We have assembled a selection to help you choose the right option.

Top pick

Dog water bottle

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lesotc pet water bottle for dogs

An easy to use, large-capacity dog water bottle with foldaway drinking bowl

Dog water bottles that are small, lightweight, and easy to carry are essential, and the lesotc embraces all these features. This bottle is a smart, innovative 18-ounce style with an integrated rubber fold cap that pulls up to double as a water bowl. A water-tight gasket in the bottom of the bowl allows you to squeeze the bottle to add as much water as you need. Once finished, simply fold the rubber cap back down and carry on walking.

Top for travel

Dog water bottle

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MalsiPree dog water bottle

Durable high-quality water bottle with an integrated water bowl

This is a two-part water bottle with a water reservoir and a large cap that acts as a water bowl. Made from a durable high-quality food-grade material, it comes in two sizes: 12 ounces and a larger 19 ounces (for a thirstier dog). Both are easy to use; simply tip the bottle and press the paw button to let water into the bowl and release to stop. When finished, press the button again so unused water can be drained back into the container.

Best budget buy

Dog water bottle

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UPSKY dog water bottle and bowls for traveling

A dual-storage design keeps dry food and water in the same container

This is more than just a dog water bottle. It's designed with two chambers, one to store dry food and the other for water. Each chamber has a wide-mouth snap lid on the cap. This makes it easy to dispense a snack or water into one of the two collapsible bowls that are included in the package. Silicone gaskets seal the chambers tightly, stopping leaks and keeping the food and water fresh.

Large capacity

Dog water bottle

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Tuff Pupper PupFlask portable water bottle

A large sturdy stainless-steel bottle with an integrated silicone bowl

The Pupflask is a durable stainless-steel bottle that holds an impressive 27 ounces of fresh water. Alternatively, you can indulge your thirsty furry friend with the larger capacity 40-ounce offering. The bottle boasts a thick, extra-large, leaf-shaped silicone bowl. This can easily be flipped back down when your dog has finished drinking. The bowl sits flat over the bottle when you are not using it, making it easy to carry.

Compact and portable

Dog water bottle

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ANPETBEST dog water bottle

Compact two-piece design for easy portability and cleaning

This product is compact, portable, and spill-proof. The bottle is comprised of two parts: the bottle and a tray, which acts as the water bowl. The two are joined with a hinge allowing you to tilt the bottle and squeeze water into the tray for your pet pooch to drink. The collapsible bottle holds up to 11 ounces of water and is filled by unscrewing it from the tray. It has a cute bone and dog claw pattern and its very own lanyard, making it easy to carry.

Big water bowl

Dog water bottle

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Ancgreen dog water bottle

Compact water bottle with a large drinking trough for wide-mouth dogs

The Ancgreen is smart, stylish, and well-designed, making it a must-have accessory for the fashion-conscious dog walker. The bottle has a 14.2-ounce capacity, making it ideal for dogs of all sizes. The lid runs the length of the bottle and unfolds to create a long 7.5-inch drinking trough for your furry friend. Hit the water release button to fill the trough and release it when done. After use, the trough folds back over the button, ensuring you don't accidentally release water by mistake.

Which dog water bottle is best for you and your dog?

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Drinking fresh water is an essential part of a dog’s daily routine, ensuring that it stays healthy and hydrated. So, a dog water bottle is an obvious choice when you take your furry friend out for the day. Our top pick is the lesotc pet water bottle for dogs because it offers an 18-ounce capacity and has an integrated rubber fold cap that pulls up to doubles as a water bowl. It neatly folds back down for easy portability.

The MalsiPree dog water bottle offers a more traditional water bottle style with a leak-proof integrated water bowl. All you need to do is hit the water release button to fill it. Following in a similar style is the Ancgreen dog water bottle, but its large water trough folds out to fill and folds back when finished, making it a more compact option.

If you have a large thirsty dog, then the 27-ounce or 40-ounce Tuff Pupper PupFlask portable water bottle is the one for you. It’s made of strong stainless steel and has a durable silicon leaf-shaped bowl that folds flat to the bottle. If you want more than just a water bottle, then the UPSKY dog water bottle and bowls for traveling is the choice for you and your dog. It has a dual design to store dry food and water in the same container, so your dog gets a treat and a drink. Lucky dog.


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