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To reduce the strain on your pet's joints and neck and make food easier to digest, an elevated pet bowl can be a great investment. Designed to give your furkid the most comfortable feeding experience, elevated bowls run the gamut from adjustable designer diners to stylish stations that will look good in any home. Here are a few of our favorites that will make mutt and feline mealtimes marvelous.

Top pick

Elevated pet bowl

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Pet Zone Designer Diner

Paw-fect for pets of all ages and stages

If you’re looking for a feeder that can grow with your pet or is easily adjustable for multi-pet homes, then this designer diner is a perfect choice. This bowl can stand at 12, 8, or 2.75-inches high, making it suitable for any size dog or cat. Reducing the strain on joints and bones, it’s a good option for mature pets with arthritis, and it won’t skid or tip over. When not in use, the legs can be easily removed and tucked under the feeder for easy storage.

Best for messy pets

Elevated pet bowl

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Neater Feeder Express Elevated Dog and Cat Bowl

The perfect mess-proof mutt and kitty feeder

Designed for small dogs and cats, the Neater Feeder’s revolutionary design catches spilled food at the top and spilled water at the bottom. You can say goodbye to filthy floors with this spill and mess-proof feeder that keeps feeding areas neat and tidy and protects your floors and walls. Featuring two stainless steel bowls, the feeder is 100-percent dishwasher safe and is durable enough for indoor and outdoor use. 

Best for small pets

Elevated pet bowl

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UPSKY Double Pet Bowls

Gives petite pets a lift at feeding time

These 11-ounce stainless steel bowls sit in a no-spill resin station, great for small dogs and cats. The unique no-spill "w" design keeps your floors free from food, and a 0.8-inch height reduces neck burden and promotes easier swallowing. Available in a choice of four cool colors, the bowls are detachable for cleaning, and the station can be easily wiped clean.

Most durable

Elevated pet bowl

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Platinum Pets Double Diner Feeder

Simple but strong elevated feeding station

Available in a variety of sizes and colors to suit any pet and home, this double-dish feeder features two stainless-steel bowls that sit in a wrought iron stand. Strong and durable, this feeder is scratch, chip, and rust-resistant, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Each bowl has a capacity for 6 cups of food or water and a rattle-free rim to eliminate metal on metal clanging, allowing your pet to eat in peace.

Best budget buy

Elevated pet bowl

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UPSKY Peto Raised Bowl

A tilted design offers easy eating

With a magnetic design that offers 0 to 30-degree tilting, this wide oval bowl changes positions to offer the most comfortable feeding experience for your pet. The 2.5-inch raised stand reduces pressure on your furry friend’s joints, stomach, and neck, promoting better digestive health. With a capacity for 2 cups of food, the inclined surface reduces food spillage, and the non-slip rubber feet ensure the bowl stays firmly in place. Made from non-toxic melamine, the bowl is easy to clean, and the simple design looks great in any home.

Most attractive

Elevated pet bowl

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Pawfect Pets Elevated Dog and Cat Feeder

A stylish four-bowl set

This sturdy and stylish stand comes with four stainless-steel bowls, three with a 6-cup capacity, and one with a 4-cup capacity. It weighs over 6 pounds, which prevents tipping. The feeder is also leak-proof thanks to silicone rings that keep the dishes securely in place. The stand is made from water-resistant bamboo that is built to last a lifetime and is easy to keep clean. This is a great feeder for all pets, but the sturdiness makes it particularly ideal for excitable and vigorous eaters.

How to choose the best elevated pet bowl

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When it comes to the best elevated pet bowls, our gold star pick is the Pet Zone Designer Diner. It's an adjustable feeder that will grow with your pet. For a great budget buy, we love the UPSKY Peto raised bowl because it has a unique tilted design that moves to provide your pet with the most comfortable dining experience possible.

If you’re after style and substance, then we recommend the Pawfect Pets Elevated Dog and Cat Feeder. This bamboo design looks great in any home, and it comes with four stainless-steel bowls, so you always have a clean bowl when you need it. Speaking of clean, we also recommend the Neater Feeder Express. Its revolutionary design traps spilled food and water in two compartments, making clean-up a breeze.


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