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A personalized pet tag is a great way of giving you peace of mind as a pet parent that your furkid will always find their way home to you. Basic tags give space for your pet’s name and a few lines of information, while more advanced tags offer room for up to eight lines of text. There’s plenty of color and style choices, from the purely functional to the fashion-forward, so no matter your pet’s personality you’re bound to find the perfect tag to suit.

Top pick

Dog tags

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io tags Pet ID Tags

Adorn your pet’s neck with a touch of glitz and glamour

These gorgeous sparkling tags are perfect for the fashion-forward pet. Available in a range of vibrant colors, they’re both stylish and strong with a hard, clear epoxy-coated glitter face. With a metal surface and nickel plating, your pet’s name and contact information are laser-etched in large print on the back. The deep etching and clear text will make it easy for someone to read and return your pet if they get lost. With a solid stainless-steel split ring, this durable tag will add a touch of glamour to your pet’s collar. 

Best double-sided tag

Dog tags

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GoTags Pet ID Personalized Pet Tags

Stylish and sharp pet tag with crystal clear text

If you want to make sure that all your pet’s important information is visible, then this double-sided tag is for you. With two-sided engraving, there’s room for four lines of text on the front of the tag and an additional four lines on the back. There are eight different shapes to choose from and two sizes, with a small option available for cats and a regular size available for dogs. Made from premium aluminum, these tags are strong and durable with easy-to-read text.

Best stainless-steel tag

Dog tags

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io tags Double Sided Pet ID Tags

Strong and understated minimalism at its best

For pets that like a no-fuss simple and straightforward design, this stainless-steel tag is a winner. Available in a variety of different patterns, there’s room for one line of text on the front and up to four lines of text on the back. The tags are laser etched and measure 1.5” x 1”. Stylish, minimalist, and durable, the tag comes with a stainless steel split ring for easy attaching to your pet’s collar.

Best design

Dog tags

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Jinglrr Personalized Pet ID Tags

Style meets substance in this sweet pet tag

With black, silver, gold, and rose gold options to choose from, these sweet and fashionable tags deliver on substance as well as style. Made from durable and long-lasting stainless steel, they won’t bend or break. The permanent laser engraving won’t rub or scratch off, and there’s room for one line of text on the front and four on the back.

Most durable

Dog tags

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Leash Boss Pet ID Tags

A tag that will last a lifetime

The thickest and most durable offering on the market, this .06” thick stainless-steel tag is durable and curved for a comfortable fit around your pet’s neck. Unlike laser etched tags, the deep engraving won’t wear down, fade, or rub off, and it won’t come loose once fitted to your dog or cat’s collar. There’s room for four lines of thick text on the front, and it’s specifically designed to work with adjustable nylon collars.

Most fashionable

Dog tags

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GoTags Pet ID Swarovski Crystal Tags

Your pet will bring the bling wherever they go

For the pet that likes to be the center of attention, this glamorous tag adorned with 19 clear Swarovski crystals is an unbeatable choice for their collar. With dual-sided engraving, there’s room for your pet’s name on the front and four lines of text on the back. There are two styles and five color choices available, so you’re bound to find the perfect one for your fashionable fur baby.

How to choose the best personalized pet tag

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Whether you’re after something simple and durable or fashionable and attention-grabbing, a personalized pet tag can offer great peace of mind that your beloved furkid can be safely returned to you if they go missing. Our top pick is the io tags Pet ID Tags, these gorgeous glitter tags are both strong and stylish and will look great around the neck of pets that love to sparkle. For a double-sided tag that offers space for up to eight lines of text, then we recommend the GoTags Pet ID Personalized Pet Tags.

If you’re on the lookout for a thick tag that won’t come loose and has a deep engraving that won’t fade over time, then the Leash Boss Pet ID Tag is a winner. And for the super glamorous pet who loves to sparkle and shine wherever they go, the GoTags Pet ID Swarovski Crystal Tag gets our vote every time.


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