32 best cats for introverts

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Whether you're looking for a quiet companion who'll curl up on your lap while you read or an energetic playmate who'll happily join you in the garden, the best cat breeds for introverts have something for everyone. 

When it comes to how to prepare for a cat, one of the most important things you can do before welcoming a new fur friend into your home is to consider your own personality and lifestyle preferences. 

While all cats can make wonderful companions, there's no denying that some breeds are better suited to the cozy world of an introvert than others. 

So alongside stocking your cupboards with the best dry cat food for your soon to be best buddy, let's meet the candidates who are most likely to be the perfect match for those who love spending time alone. 

32 best cats for introverts

1. Persian

White Persian cat lying down and looking at camera

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Low on intensity and high on affection, Persian cats are a brilliant choice for introverts. They may often look like they're wearing a grumpy expression, but don't let that fool you — this breed is super sweet and easy going. Loving and charming, the Persian cat is quiet, sedate and can easily be left alone for the day. Just be mindful that they need a very calm and relaxed environment to thrive. In return, they'll offer you their delightful rumbling purr, plenty of cuddles and a beaming stare — all signs of a happy cat

2. Maine Coon

Maine Coon cat lazily lies on woven carpet on balcony

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If there's one thing most people know about the Maine Coon it's that it's one large cat! But don't worry, this fluff monster may have a powerful and athletic body, but underneath all that fur, they are affectionate, playful and friendly. Delightful family companions, they adore human company and have active and inquisitive natures. Quiet and mellow, they won't disrupt your all-important down time — although if you're well versed in how to play with a cat, they'll be thrilled if you can spare half an hour each day to have some fun with them. 

3. Ragdoll

A white ragdoll cat sits in a bed of pink flowers

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Named for the way they'll happily go all floppy in your arms like a rag doll, this luxuriously coated kitty is one of the world's most popular and beloved breeds. And it's not hard to see why. Friendly and laidback, they make wonderful buddies for introverts thanks to their agreeable, relaxed and affectionate natures. They are curious cats with gentle and sweet temperaments who will think nothing of sitting on your book or laptop and staring at you lovingly while you try to read or get some work done, or lazing about in the shade on a summer day while you're in the garden. 

4. Russian Blue

Russian blue cat with big black eyes laying on the bed

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If you're looking for a quiet, sensitive and loyal feline friend, the Russian Blue is well worth considering. Like most introverts, this breed tends to hang back around strangers, carefully assessing their character before deciding whether or not this is someone they want to make friends with. However, once they've decided that you're the human for them, they'll reward you with bucket loads of love and affection. 

5. Himalayan 

A himalayan cat looks alert outdoors on short-cropped grass

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Although officially classed as a medium-sized cat, the masses of fur the Himalayan wanders about with coupled with their heavily boned body can make them appear much larger. For introverts, this placid kitty with its moments of playful energy is a real delight to have in the home. They adore stretching out next to their chosen human, sleeping in their bed and hopping up onto their lap for a cuddle when the mood strikes them. However, you'll want to make sure you check out a vet's guide to brushing long-haired cats as this is a breed that requires plenty of grooming to avoid their coat becoming full of knots and tangles. 

6. American Wirehair 

American Wirehair

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Heavily muscled and boned, the American Wirehair is a powerful cat with a round and thick appearance. Thanks to their placid and even-keeled temperament, they make wonderful companions for introverts and are gently playful and undemanding. They don't need hours of attention and will happily amuse themselves or be content to sit quietly by your side. With a loving and soothing presence, they attach strongly to all members of the family and are very adaptable. 

7. Birman

A very cute Birman cat with blue eyes hiding under a blanket

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Bred to be a companion cat, the Birman has a beautifully friendly and laidback temperament that makes them well suited to life with an introvert. They are quiet, loyal and known to be rather lazy, so if you enjoy chilled out days at home, this could well be the buddy for you! Birman's prefer one person over everyone else, so if you're looking for a pet who will be devoted mostly to you and you alone, this breed is a great choice. 

8. Chartreux 

Chartreux cat lying on couch

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A sturdy and robust cat, the Chartreux is thought to have been bred centuries ago to keep French monks company — making them an ideal feline friend to introverts! They are loyal, mellow and adore keeping their chosen humans company, but in a very thoughtful, quiet and undemanding way. Affectionate with everyone, easy to handle and fond of short play sessions, their loving and intelligent nature make them a joy to have around. 

9. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat sitting on a log in autumnal forest

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Affectionately nicknamed the 'Wegie' the Norwegian Forest Cat is breathtakingly beautiful to look at and has an equally captivating nature. Gentle, friendly and always up for a cuddle, this breed delights in human company but is equally content to entertain themselves if their chosen family is busy or out of the house for the day. Originally bred to keep rodent populations down on Viking ships, the Norwegian Forest Cat is a bright and loving feline who'll welcome opportunities to climb and play. 

10. Exotic shorthair

Exotic Shorthair

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A stocky cat of medium size, the Exotic Shorthair is very similar in appearance and build to the Persian but their fur is shorter and coarser. They have that same distinctive grumpy expression thanks to their short muzzle, and they can indeed be quite standoffish with strangers. However, with those they know, the Exotic Shorthair is a gentle and affectionate cat with a quiet nature who will thrive in a relaxed home. 

11. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold cat sitting on stairs

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Well known for its striking appearance, the Scottish Fold looks to be made entirely of curves and their neatly folded ears and large round eyes only add to their appeal. Rugged and hardy animals originally bred to roam Scottish farms and rid them of pests, this adaptable and sweet-natured kitty has a tiny voice that they rarely use and they're independent yet friendly. They love relaxed homes and make great family cats. 

12. American Shorthair 

American Shorthair

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A wonderful companion for singles, couples or families, the American Shorthair is a gentle kitty with a sweet and happy disposition. Known to love people but also possess an independent streak, this breed is easygoing, amiable, and enjoys a good nap — when they're not busy cuddling you that is! They also love to play, so leaving a few of the best interactive cat toys around the house will be much appreciated. 

13. Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex looking at camera

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Carrying the genetic mutation for curly or wavy hair, the Selkirk Rex has a thick, stuffed-animal like coat and a sturdy and robust body. Sterling examples of patience and tolerance, these curly-haired cuties have a playful and silly side that will keep you smiling and although loving and affectionate, they're not persistent or demanding. While not natural trouble makers, they can become bored when their humans aren't around, one of many reasons to use a cat puzzle feeder toy with this breed. 

14. British Shorthair 

British Shorthair peeking out from under bed sheet

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With their soft coats and rounded bodies, the British Shorthair could easily be mistaken for a teddy bear. Their friendly yet no-nonsense approach to life makes them well deserving of their 'British' title and their easygoing natures make them low maintenance companions. They're a breed that ticks all the boxes — active without being boisterous, affectionate without being clingy, and super intelligent without showing off. If you're after a happy breed that will dish out plenty of love but respect your space at the same time, the British Shorthair is a worthy contender. 

15. Ragamuffin 

Portrait of a fluffy domestic Ragamuffin cat sitting on the snowy surface under the trees

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An affectionate kitty who loves to be cuddled, the Ragamuffin adores close contact, so if you're looking for a feline friend who will soak up all those belly rubs, you're definitely onto a winner with this breed! Its people-loving nature makes the Ragamuffin the ultimate Velcro cat and although very playful and curious, they are sweet, docile and lovable. 

16. Burmilla 

Burmilla lying on bed

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One of the friendliest cat breeds, the Burmilla has a sociable and playful nature that makes it a beloved member of any family. An affectionate kitty who loves a calm and relaxed home, the Burmilla adores being around their people but also has an independent streak that means they're not clingy. Quiet and not overly demanding, they can be left alone for several hours a day without any issues. 

17. Siberian Forest Cat 

Siberian Forest Cat in nature

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A large and rather lazy log, the Siberian Forest Cat is a chilled out kitty with a mellow and quiet temperament. This is a breed that gets along famously with everyone and their affectionate and friendly natures mean you'd be hard pressed to find someone that doesn't immediately fall in love with them. Great for introverts thanks to their sweet natures and independent streak (which means they can be left alone all day if need be), they're an intelligent breed and are great problem-solvers. 

18. Chinchilla 

Golden Chinchilla cat sat by scratching post gazing at camera

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If you like a quiet and peaceful life and are looking for a cat to compliment that, look no further than the Chinchilla. With a tranquil, loyal and affectionate nature, this breed is the ultimate cuddling, grooming and pampering kitty and their sedate ways make them the perfect match for anyone who's looking for a calm and soothing presence to have around the house.  

19. Bombay

Bombay cat sitting on the ground

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A mix of the Burmese and the American Shorthair, the sociable Bombay with its striking jet black fur and golden eyes makes for a wonderful companion if you're after a kitty that will stick by your side. In fact, they crave human interaction so much that they veer into Velcro cat territory, finding it very difficult to be away from those they love. Separation anxiety in cats is just as common as it is in dogs, so if you plan on welcoming a Bombay into your family, make sure there's always someone home to keep this friendly and loving little feline company. 

20. Japanese Bobtail 

Black Japanese Bobtail cat in a field

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Sometimes when you're an introvert it can be nice to have a more extroverted feline companion who's happy to have the spotlight on them — and that's exactly what you'll get with a Japanese Bobtail. Known for their outgoing personalities, this breed loves to be the center of attention and adores family life. Super intelligent, they're charming, sweet and get along well with everyone, which is perfect if you're after a kitty who won't cling to you 24/7 and will instead share their love around. 

21. LaPerm

Chocolate white LaPerm cat portrait on gray background

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Best known for its distinctive appearance (it has tightly curled hair that literally looks like it's had a perm), the LaPerm is highly affectionate and will thrive in just about any home. Although they're super active and love to play, they're also happy to cuddle up with their human on the couch when they get tired, offering prospective introverted cat owners the perfect mix of everything. The LaPerm is also very quiet, preferring to do lots of purring over vocalizing, so you won't have to worry about having a noisy kitty meowing at your feet. 

22. Snowshoe

Snowshoe cat

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A kind and intelligent kitty with a playful personality, the Snowshoe is a rare breed that's a mix of the Siamese and the American Shorthair. They make devoted family companions, adoring the company and affection of their chosen humans, although they do tend to attach more strongly to one lucky person. The Snowshoe has a mischievous streak, so you'll want to make sure they have plenty of daily enrichment to keep them out of trouble, and they love the water, so don't be surprised if they join you for a bath! 

23. Manx

Manx cat

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Famous for its lack of tail, the Manx hails from the Isle of Man which sits in the Irish Sea between Ireland and England. It was originally bred to hunt rodents and still has a strong hunting instinct to this day, but while it is an active and playful breed, it also has a wonderfully affectionate temperament that makes it a great family cat. Loyal and easy to train, the Manx is sweet-natured, although just like introverts, it doesn't enjoy being in the presence of large groups, preferring the company of a few chosen humans. 

24. Siamese

Siamese cat lying outside

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One of the oldest breeds in the world, the Siamese has eye-catching physical features and are incredibly intelligent and playful. They bond deeply with their human caretakers, becoming somewhat of a second shadow, and they're very vocal — so you'll want to make sure you're up for having a chatty kitty in your home. While they're considered the extroverts of the cat world, they do better when paired with introverts as they depend on, and attach to, one person and like calm living environments. 

25. Korat 

Purebred korat cat posing on a table indoor and looking at camera

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A medium-sized cat with a robust build, the Korat has strikingly beautiful green or greenish-amber eyes and a calm, intelligent and thoughtful nature that will very much appeal to most introverts. Laidback, they enjoy playing but are every bit as happy cuddling with their humans, who they form very deep bonds with. They love to follow their people around the house and help out with whatever they may be doing, but in a very unobtrusive and non-demanding way. Skittish and aloof around strangers, they'll stick close to your side if unfamiliar guests pop round. 

26. Lykoi 

Lykoi cat

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Often called a 'wolf cat' or 'werewolf cat' due to its unique appearance, the Lykoi won't be winning any prizes in a feline beauty contest. Yet despite their feral appearance, this breed is friendly, affectionate, and easygoing — traits that allow them to get on beautifully with all humans as well as other animals. Lykois tend to be aloof and shy around strangers, preferring the company of those they know and love. 

27. British Longhair 

British Longhair

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With their large round eyes, sweet expression and teddy-bear good looks, the British Longhair not only looks impressive, they also have wonderfully thoughtful natures that an introvert is bound to find themselves drawn to. They are quiet and non-demanding creatures and can be regularly left for a few hours at a time. However, while they do have an independent streak, they're loving, social cats who enjoy quality family time. 

28. Toyger

Toyger lying on wooden shelf by window grooming

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A cat of contrasts, the Toyger is both active and always up for a cuddle — offering potential pet parents the best of both worlds. Exceptionally social, they get along brilliantly with just about everyone, including children and other pets, and love to play. Bear in mind that while this kitty will offer you a lot of love and affection, and will adore keeping you company, their high energy levels mean they are an above-average commitment, needing plenty of enrichment to stay happy and healthy. 

29. Peterbald

Peterbald cat

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The Russian Peterbald cat is known for its long and lean abdomen and wedge-shaped head, but there's a whole lot more to this feline than its distinctive looks. A relatively new breed, the Peterbald is incredibly loyal and loving, getting along famously with humans and pets of all ages and stages. Bonding deeply to their humans, the Peterbald will be happy following you around the house all day, chatting as they go. They're also very inquisitive, intelligent, and playful. 

30. Savannah 

Savannah cat sits on a pedestal pillow against a background of greenery

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What do you get when you cross a wild Serval with a domestic cat? Why the Savannah of course! While they certainly have a wildcat appearance, don't let that fool you — this feline is very affectionate with those they love, although they can be aloof and standoffish with strangers. The Savannah is a wonderful choice for active introverts looking for an athletic feline friend who'll always be up for a new challenge. Chatty cats that adore companionship, this breed will happily accompany you on outdoor adventures — just make sure you learn how to leash train a cat first! 

31. Sphynx 

Sphynx cat lying with littermates looking at camera

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Famous for its lack of coat, the Sphynx may not be the prettiest cat to look at, but it certainly has a beautiful heart. Highly intelligent, curious and energetic, this breed is almost dog-like in the level of friendliness and affection it dishes out to everyone from family to strangers. If you want a cat that's more than happy to be showered in constant love and affection, the gregarious Sphynx is a great choice. 

32. Turkish Van

Turkish Van lying in cat bed at top of cat tower

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The Turkish Van is a muscular yet elegant breed known for their soft and silky coat and distinctively colored head and tail. Playful, curious, loyal and loving, the Turkish Van has a fondness for water, so don't be surprised if you find them constantly in the bath or sink! Clicker training for cats is recommended with this breed as they're super intelligent and love learning new things. Independent cats, the Turkish Van doesn't need 24/7 human interaction, meaning they'll quite happily amuse themselves when you're busy and can be left home alone all day without any issues.

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