Watch blind cat Dmitri play the piano in sweet viral video

Blind cat Dmitri
(Image credit: @blind_cat_dmitri/TikTok)

A blind cat who developed an infection so severe he had to have both his eyes removed has captured the hearts of millions after his owner, Emma Pelkiewicz, started sharing videos of him on TikTok back in August 2021.

Little Dmitri hails from Greece and spent the first few months of his life living on the streets where he developed an eye infection that resulted in him having to have both his eyes removed.

He was soon adopted by London-based Pelkiewicz who describes him as one of the happiest cats she’s ever met. "I adopted him from a London based charity. I fell in love with him when I went to visit him—he hugged my foot when I walked into the room and I knew I had to adopt him!"

That was three years ago and the two have been inseparable ever since. While his impairment means he can’t go outdoors, Pelkiewicz says Dmitir hasn’t let his lack of vision hold him back. "He acts like any other cat, except he can't go outside," she said. "He knows his way around my flat, jumps onto furniture, plays with toys and is very affectionate.”

Since she started her TikTok account (@blind_cat_dmitri)  six months ago, it has accrued close to one million followers, with some of Dmitri’s videos amassing more than 54 million views. One popular clip shows Dmitri attempting to play the piano, with one user writing “so cute....the little fella pretending to be Stevie Wonder🎹”


Maestro kitty ##catsoftiktok ##catlover

♬ original sound - Dmitri The Blind Cat

Another clip, which has been viewed over two million times, shows Dmitri begin to purr when he hears his mum approaching before quickly rolling over for a tummy rub when she gently touches his back. 


Brrrrr ##cat ##catlove

♬ original sound - Dmitri The Blind Cat

And in his most popular clip to date, generating a staggering 55 million views, Dmitri can be seen sat on top of the dining room table reaching out his paw to find mom. 


Mama? Where are you? 😿 ##cat ##blindcat ##meow

♬ original sound - Dmitri The Blind Cat

Many TikTokers have shared how much watching Dmitri’s antics has melted their hearts and the world’s love for her feline friend is something that has deeply touched Pelkiewicz.

"I'm so happy that so many people around the world adore him and are learning how wonderful blind cats can be. I am hoping his online presence will encourage others to adopt pets with disabilities."

While Pelkiewicz wouldn't change Dmitri's blindness, there is one thing she'd like to be different. "I wouldn't change a thing about Dmitri—I think he's perfect the way he is, although I wish I had my own garden that he could safely explore."

Garden or no garden, it's clear from the videos that Dmitri is one cat who's loving life.

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