Watch: This video of a cat enjoying a spa session is the best thing you’ll see today

A grey cat is tucked up under a blanket with cucumber slices on his eyes
(Image credit: dontstopmeowing)

Everyone loves a good pampering session at the local spa and it’s not just humans that can reap the benefits! This adorable video was shared on Instagram under the handle: dontstopmeowing, and aptly captioned, ‘Chase enjoying a spaw day’.

Viewers can see Chase the cat being tucked under a cosy blanket by his pet mom, while relaxing music plays in the background, she then uses an automatic massager all over his fur followed by a face massage and face mask. Finally his spa session is completed with cucumber slices on his eyes, a pussy-cat pedicure and plenty of belly rubs. That is one relaxed cat!

It’s no surprise that this cute clip has garnered over 1.3 millions views in just a day. One commenter shared, "He is one patient guy — also the expression on his face. He LOOOOOVES it!!" While another somewhat envious user stated, "Dude I'm officially so jealous of Chase." Another netizen posted, "I can watch this all day,”, which is a sentiment shared by many.

A grey tabby cat being massaged with a massage gun

(Image credit: dontstopmeowing)

Chase’s loving pet parents, Fifi Furrha and Kareem Khalil, manage his Instagram which already has 1.7 million followers so far. Pictures include more spa sessions, exciting day trips and receiving plenty of cuddles and affections from his owners. We’re sure Chase is one of the most pampered cats in town!

Cynthia Lawrence

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