Watch: Crafty cat fakes injury to enter home, and it’s hilarious

cat fakes injury to enter home
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Cats are known for their sassy nature, and this cheeky feline is no exception. A video of a cat faking an injury to enter someone's home has gone viral and has left the Internet howling with laughter. 

The Reddit clip was posted on the “Cats” forum by u/almond0373 and titled “Fake Injury = House Entry.” It shows the orange tabby cat standing on a porch, and gesturing behind the glass sliding door with a slightly raised paw. 

The viewer can then hear someone inside the house ask, “Is something wrong with your paw, Susan?”

Susan then starts hopping towards the door with her ‘injured’ paw, but as she jumps inside the house, she goes back to walking normally on all paws. Seemingly, her ‘injury’ had magically disappeared!

fake_injury_house_entry from r/cats

It's no surprise this viral clip garnered over 45,000 upvotes, with hundreds of comments from Redditors amused by Susan’s clever trick. 

One commenter said, “And the Oscar goes to……”, while another mentioned, “What a smart kitty. They definitely got their turn with the orange braincell.” 

Other commenters shared their own experiences with their feline pals, with one saying, “I’ve actually got a smart orange tabby! Like so smart sometimes it’s creepy. He knows more words than the dog and is really intuitive. My husband calls him my familiar because it honestly seems like sometimes, he can read my mind.”

It seems as though Susan isn’t the only pet with an Oscar-worthy performance. A dog named Hаiry had also ‘miraculously’ recovered from а limp аt the mention of а wаlk, which had the Internet in stitches this March. 

Cynthia Lawrence

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