Cat makes the bed like a human and scolds her kitten who messed it up

cat makes the bed
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They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but what about a senior feline? Netizens have been amazed by a viral video showing an adorable cat making up the bed just like a human does after her kitten was caught on camera rolling around in the sheets.

The footage was posted to Reddit by user @candynics and opens with the hilarious sight of a little black kitten imposing a reign of bedtime terror upon an unassuming bed. The mischievous fluff ball can be seen wrangling with the sheets with her teeth and claws before disappearing under them just as her mom arrives!

Like any tired human parent would do, the moggy momma immediately begins to scold her youngster, pawing at her kitten to encourage her child to move away from the bed and stop making such a mess. After a few moments, the disciplining works and the kitten finally springs from the bed leaving her mom to fix the destruction left behind. What happens next astonishes the Internet. 

momma_cat_fixes_bed_after_her_kitten_messed_it_up from r/MadeMeSmile

In a close-up of the senior cat, the particular puss can be seen beginning to use her own paws to straighten up the sheets. If anyone was in any doubt this sweet feline was not cleaning up after her kitten, the cat then jumps onto the bed to use her mouth to pull the sheets back into order ensuring it's fully made back up!

The title of the video reads: "Momma cat fixes bed after her kitten messed it up" and has led to several Redditors commenting on the 'tidy' talents of their own cats at home.

"My cat pulls down the bed covers all the time but i had no idea they knew how to pull fix them", user @mrpeshoga joked. "I'm showing this to my cat, she has some learning to do."

Some remarked on the kitty's parenting skills with both amusement and awe, with a few netizens commenting on the cat's delivery of discipline. 

"One of my cat's kittens fell into the canal. Mama rescued her and then twatted her over the head a bunch of times," said @starlinguk

But it was user @the_stooge_nugget who summed up the sight of watching a cat making up her human's bed.  

"Now I have seen everything... Thank you Internet," wrote the Redditor. 

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