Stray cat shows off kittens to trusted human in viral video that is melting hearts online

stray cat shows off kittens
(Image credit: Reddit / @riceisessential)

Humans really can build the most remarkable relationship with animals, as this viral video of a stray cat showing off her kittens proves.

In adorable footage posted to Reddit's Cats channel by user @riceisessential, a sweet stray cat is seen leading a man to a location off-camera, meowing near-continuously. Occasionally, she stops to lick her legs but she always looks back to check that her human companion is following close behind, often staring up at him with a look of trust that has melted hearts online.

Finally, the pair reach the end of the yard, and a litter of kittens can be seen huddled under a makeshift shelter - the destination the stray cat has been leading the man to all along! 

While mom nestles herself amongst them, and the kittens begin to embrace their mother, the parent cat licks them lovingly with her tongue. 

The caption to the video reads: "The stray cat we've been feeding has something to show us."

the_stray_cat_weve_been_feeding_has_something_to from r/cats

The unwitting new cat dad was then treated to the goodwill of netizen cat lovers everywhere who took it upon themselves to ensure the cat momma and her kittens survived.

Users of the social media platform began to advise the cat newbie to build a shelter for the kittens by using an old box and relocating them to somewhere private. 

"I was hesitating to touch the babies at first because I heard mother cats wouldn’t touch their kittens if they get touched by some humans," the OP wrote. 

"Thankfully she let me and still very much affectionate towards her babies. I relocated her to the shed close to my place, no one goes there much, and that is the best that I can provide her for now until she find her new home."

While the new cat dad indicated that he was unfortunately unable to take in the kittens, the trusty soul started to consider anyone he knew who might be able to take in the cats.

In the last update provided by the cat dad, he says that he will ask and see where it goes from there to ensure the feline and her kittens receive the best possible care leading to an outpouring of kind words on the cat community. 

"Hopefully someday you’ll be able to have a cat (or two) of your own!" wrote @Double_Belt2331.  "It’s obvious how much they trust you; you must be and obviously ARE very kind."

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