Is your cat a psychopath? This online test will give you the answer

Is your cat weird? Online cat psychopath test will give you the answer
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If your feline friend displays rather strange or worrying behavior, it’s easy to think you may have a psychotic kitty on your hands. Now you can take an actual test to find out. 

Scientists at the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University in the UK have developed a quiz that measures 46 unique cat behaviors. The research was published this month in the Journal of Research in Personality. And while this doesn’t aim to give a diagnosis of your cat’s behavior, it simply sets out to discover how the personality traits of the kitty will affect its relationship with pet parents. 

The CAT-Tri+ quiz is available to try out online and consists of a list of 46 statements about your feline friend, which you rank based on how that description fits your cat. Questions include whether your kitty torments its prey rather than killing it, if they are aggressive to other cats and even questions their state of mind with the statement: "My cat does not appear to act guilty after misbehaving." 

cat performs balancing act

Cat parents often find that their feline displays baffling behavior to us humans  (Image credit: Getty Images)

Speaking about the online test, Rebecca Evans, lead researcher, said: "It is likely that all cats have an element of psychopathy as it would have once been helpful for their ancestors in terms of acquiring resources: for example food, territory and mating opportunities." 

The survey was taken by 549 cat owners, focusing on the three traits that make up psychopathy in humans - boldness, meanness and inhibition. 

So now you know what signs to look out for, why not give the test a go to find out? You might even discover that your furry feline is pretty normal after all!

Cynthia Lawrence

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