People are recording their pets' reactions to hit PS5 cat video game Stray and it's adorable

Cats watching stray video game
(Image credit: Twitter / @CatsWatchStray)

If you've got a feline friend in your life, it's likely you've seen them gaze intently or even paw at your television screen. Only now, a new Twitter account called Cats Watching Stray is taking the concept of cats enjoying their very own kitty entertainment to whole new levels.

Rather than filming their furry friends pawing at their favorite television or film characters, pet owners are now showing off their shared love for new cat video game Stray with their special companion in tow. 

If you've not yet heard of Stray, this purrfect video game - currently available on PlayStation 4, 5 and Windows - essentially follows an adorable stray feline who finds itself trapped in an unpopulated underground city after becoming separated from his whiskered friends.

But what's really got cat owners talking is the game's perfect depiction of a real cat's characteristics. 

From pressing a button to hear your cat character meow multiple times to watching it scratch its way through sofas and rugs and nuzzle itself up beside a host of robotic companions, cat owners everywhere have become inspired to share their love for their feline friends' unique behavior across social media.

In one Tweet, user @sionesausau records her cat fascinated by the sight of multiple digital cats congregated together, pawing at the screen in interest.  

"Our cat loves it too!" @ThatRobinGray shared on the account, alongside an adorable picture of his kitty near mimicking the video game feline's position.

While Mary Beth's cat Sparky has taken the idea of 'Cats Watching Stray' quite literally, by moving her head at every single movement the digital felines take in the game. 

 "Sparky gives Stray a positive review so far," she wrote in her Tweet. 

But it's not just felines that are feeling the Stray vibes. 

Even dogs have got in on the action with user Tom Warren posting a hilarious clip of his pup Frank whimpering at the sight of the digital feline character and obsessively watching the screen. 

Fancy getting in on the action with your pet? You can find Cats Watching Stray over on Twitter with the handle @CatsWatchStray.

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