Dog cocktail bar: Barking mad or the next big thing?

Cocktails for dogs at dog cocktail bar london
(Image credit: Instagram / After Bark)

A London bar is giving a whole new meaning to the word 'booze hound' by offering up a selection of cocktails for dogs to satisfy its canine clientele. The ‘After Bark’ dog cocktail bar and café opened in June, serving plant-based refreshments and snacks to dogs who are keen to lap up some extra quality time with their humans.

Jamie Swan, the brains behind the After Bark says that everyone is keen to have a life again as lockdowns begin to ease, but that many pet parents suffer guilt about going out.

“When you are a dog carer, a dog parent, you do feel quite bad if you leave them alone,” she says. But thanks to Shaw’s new venture, (she’s also the creator of Barkney Wick, a dog and human community center) Londoners won’t have to worry about that anymore.

From Bloodhound Marys and Barkaritas to Howlapaw Slings and Great Expawlors, the menu at the After Bark features an array of non-alcoholic puptails that come packed full of fruits and vegetables.

cocktails for dogs at dog-friendly bar

(Image credit: Instagram / After Bark)

Swan opened her new bar and café as a way to help ease the anxiety that many pets and their parents are feeling as they navigate the challenges of living with COVID-19. Separation anxiety has become an issue as people start to return to the office and are forced to leave their new canine companions at home.

While it’s only been open for two months, the After Bark is already proving popular. 

“I’m a huge fan of love to come down here Thursday, Friday, and also, it’s so nice to be able to bring him along and know that he can enjoy himself in a relaxed atmosphere,” explains Tom Moore of his regular visits with Labrador Bertie.

Puptails may just be a London-based initiative for the time being, but we have a feeling it won’t be long before this exciting trend goes global.

Kathryn Rosenberg
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