Couple wakes up to find a stranger's dog in bed with them

Florida couple wakes up with dog in bed that isn't theirs
(Image credit: Facebook/Julie Thornton Johnson)

Julie Thornton Johnson and her husband Jimmy Johnson regularly wake up snuggled up with a few pups in their bed, but one morning they had quite a shock – they didn't recognize one of the sleeping hounds!

The couple seemingly acquired a fourth furry friend when they awoke one morning, and subsequently laughed it off before posting pictures of the lounging lady online to try and find her family.

As the pup seemed so friendly, they let her have her forty winks before Julie posted a picture online to try and locate her owners along with a series of questions: "One, how did the dog get in my house? And two, we have three dogs, and they bark at anything. A squirrel in the yard, a rabbit, a bird, they bark. And there was no noise."

The couple deduced that they must have left the back door unlocked and open by mistake, but it was still a mystery as to how the dog managed to enter without a peep. Perhaps their other pups were in on it and happy to have a pal round for a slumber party?

After the comedic story went viral, Julie received a message from Cris Hawkins, who confirmed the dog was hers and named Nala. After providing photographic evidence that Nala was indeed hers, the sneaky pooch was taken home – only a few doors down. It seemed that Nala must have managed to break away from her collar and sneak out down the road for an adventure that night. 

When Cris came to pick Nala up she was still cuddling up to Jimmy, who joked they'd have had another dog on their hands if she hadn't been claimed. Not only did Nala find new friends that night, but her family and the Johnsons have remained tight since her silly bedroom antics! 

Check out the video below for the full story.