Watch: Cat and dog pals reuniting after a year is simply adorable

A dog is standing on his hind legs to reach a cat on a table, the cat is licking his face
(Image credit: Winniethecattledog)

A cat who meets their doggy pal after one year has gone viral, leaving delighted fans teary-eyed.

The touching video shared on the Instagram page, Winniethecattledog, starts with the caption: “Last year we fostered kitten for a few months. She and our dog became instant best friends." It then shows images of Winnie the dog and Bobbi the cat being affectionate with each other and playing around the home, before Bobbi was adopted into her forever home. 

We then see the caption: “Today, they saw each other again for the first time in a year,” before the owner explains they had to be reintroduced by first seeing each other through a glass door. Wondering if the two pals would still recognise each other, the clip says it all beautifully. It shows a constant tail wagging, affectionate petting, playing, and generally loving the other’s company. 

It's no surprise that this heart-warming snap quickly went viral, garnering more than 3.8 million views since June 19. In addition, many netizens headed straight to comments to share their thoughts on this adorable reunion.  One user commented, "That tail! It was super sweet of the two families to let their pets see each other again. It's not easy to foster pets or children." While another wrote with a crying emoticon, “Why didn’t you keep the cat? They obviously liked each other that much. It’s so heartbroken that they're gonna be separated again for the second time.”

We’re certain this won’t be the last time forever friends, Winnie and Bobbi, will be meeting each other again.

Cynthia Lawrence

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