Watch: Jealous German Shepherd has hilarious reaction to owner petting cat

Stock image of a german shepherd and ginger kitten sleeping soundly together
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Video footage of a German Shepherd looking suitably flabbergasted has gone viral after the dog’s hilarious reaction gained more than 1.2 million views on TikTok. 

Pet owner’s around the world will be able to relate to this clip… especially those who have multiple animals under their roof!

Shared by TikTok user thatshepherdsam, the video shows the canine - a German Shepherd called Sam - letting his jealous side take over as the owner’s cat made its way over for some affection.


She can’t even believe I was about to pet the cat… absolutely flabbergasted

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Happily minding their own business, relaxing alongside them on the owner’s bed, Sam can be seen living his best life.

That was until the feline showed up.

At first, Sam refused to look at the cat, clearly unimpressed by the kitty’s presence.

When that didn’t stop them in their tracks, Sam turned to give the cute cat a stern look, as if he was warning them not to take a single step closer. 

In traditional cat form, they didn’t care one little bit and continued to move closer for cuddles with their owner.

That was when Sam ramped up his displeasure by patting his paws on the bed.

But, true to feline form, the ginger moggy paid no attention to the pooch’s dramatic reaction and that truly was the last straw for the German Shepherd.

In a bid to win their owners attention, Sam lunged forward to nudge the cat out of the way, which is where the clip - which is captioned “My dogs dramatic response to me showing any other animals attention” - ends.

According to a 2021 study from the University of Auckland, in Australia, dogs are believed to be one of only a few species that appear to show jealousy in a similar way to that of a young child when their mother gives their attention to a newborn sibling.  

And the way Sam reacted to their furry sibling really does seem to support this!

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