Watch the amazing moment German Shepherd dives into pool to save mom

German Shepherd dives into pool to save mom
(Image credit: TikTok)

Footage showing the incredible moment a German Shepherd dives into pool to save mom has quickly gone viral with people around the world moved to tears by the dog's heroic actions.

Now, we want to point out that the woman in the clip was never actually in trouble and was simply enjoying submerging herself under the water, but her courageous canine companion didn’t know that and quickly sprung into action.

Originally shared on TikTok and later posted to Reddit where it has received more than 15,000 upvotes, the 23 second clip shows the pup launching himself into the water and grabbing his owner by her ponytail to drag her to the surface.

Smiling as she emerges, the woman lets her dog pull her all the way to the side of the pool where he drags her up out of the water and onto the stairs. It’s a moment that has led to a flood of comments from blown away netizens.

mom_ill_save_you from r/AnimalsBeingBros

“This made me cry. I love animals so much,” wrote one user, with another adding “Dogs - they already have a place in heaven. They give so much and expect nothing in return.”

Others were blown away not just by the dog’s sheer love and compassion but by the skill he showed in maneuvering his beloved owner to the side of the pool. 

“It’s amazing that the dog pulls on the hair in an angle that the person can breathe while being pulled. Need that dog,” one stunned user wrote. 

One woman also shared her experience of a similar situation she had with her own dog, stating that “My German Shepherd pulled me out of the tub like this one day. I was screaming at the cat (who jumped into the tub) and the dog thought I was screaming since someone made me take a bath. The dog was not happy. I was not happy. Pretty sure the cat thought it was hilarious.”

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