Adorable Corgi floats in water in hilarious viral video - Here's why

corgi floats in water
(Image credit: TikTok / @weratedogs)

Does your dog have a special secret skill? Be amazed as this sweet Corgi floats in water without even trying. 

In a video posted on TikTok by user @weratedogs, the adorable pup can be seen submerged in a pool with his face and ears poking out of the water. A handler can then be seen gently pressing down on the Corgi's behind. In a matter of the moments, you swiftly learn that Corgi butts can float!

"Today I learned that Corgi butts can float," the caption read. "Not sure what to do with this info, other than share it with you. What a good buoy!"

The simple moment has racked up an impressive 4.5 millions loves on the social media platform, with many TikTokers tagging in Corgi owners to discover whether their dog also has this quirky ability.

"I have a Corgi Mastiff mix and I need to try this," wrote one user.

"Take a Corgi > Take a lifesaver vest," commented another.

So, are Corgis buoyant dogs? Turns out Corgis can float in water and it's all down to a spot of science, or to be exact the shape of a Corgi's butt.

corgis float in water

(Image credit: Getty Images)

The playful dog breed is well known for its soft and fluffy behind which gives them a distinctive run.

Corgis float in water because their behind consists of 79.4 percent air, as opposed to being made up of muscle fibres, explaining exactly why Corgi butt's float to the surface. Corgis have a hollow butt, earning them the nickname “bubble butt”.

We challenge you to find an even cuter quirk in your canine companion!

Watch the sweet moment below.


Today I learned that corgi butts can float. Not sure what to do with this info, other than share it with you. 14/10 what a good buoy ##weratedogs

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