Watch: Stray cat vs German Shepherd face off. Who will win?

A german shepherd and a stray cat
(Image credit: Getty)

We all know that cats are fierce and can easily stand their ground when needed but, when it comes to a stray cat vs German Shepherd face-off, anything could happen!

A nine second clip has taken the internet by storm - and it’s most likely not for the many reasons you could come up with.

The video shows a ginger stray cat that had, presumably, been minding its own business, roaming the streets that it calls home. 

That was until a German Shepherd that was out on a walk with its owner, took a strong dislike to the fancy-free feline. 

The highly strung pooch can be seen lunging towards the stray cat, barking aggressively, all whilst its owner was struggling to control the canine.

With that said, the human soon realised that they needed two hands to try to move the dog away, despite having their phone in the other. 

Even though the stray moggy can be seen arching its back and making its tail stand on end - obvious warning signs that everything is not OK - the pooch continues to bark at the animal.

That’s when, in the blink of an eye, the cat launches its attack.

Leaping towards the pooch, the stray feline seems to deliver a superb flying kick - one so good that it wouldn’t look at all out of place in a Karate Kid movie!

And, just like that, the battle was over.

Knocking the dog to the ground, having taken everyone by surprise, the cat knew how to show the pooch who was the boss. 

Thankfully, the individual who filmed the video showed stills of the ninja cat following the real-time footage, to allow viewers to really appreciate the technique in the feline’s maneuver. 

This stray cat looks like a karate pro with their back left leg fully extended to deliver the embarrassing blow as well as placing their front legs away from the intended recipient as they flew through the air. 

Chloe Petrylak

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