Watch: Shocked owner films moment cat gives birth to kittens in her lap

Cat giving birth to kittens in owners lap
(Image credit: TikTok)

A cat owner in the Netherlands was left stunned after her feline friend gave birth to a litter of kittens in her lap. 

18-year-old Ellen Fransenn had just got home from visiting friends to find her cat Asrael in labor. Upon learning that her human had arrived home, Asrael, who had already delivered one of her kittens, quickly relocated to Ellen’s lap to continue the birthing process.

Unsure about whether she should let the cat give birth on her, Ellen tried to relocate Asrael to a towel but the feline was having none of it, protesting with loud wails until the teenager let her back onto her lap.


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With close to six million views on TikTok, the video has been an absolute hit with most viewers, although a few netizens haven’t been quite so keen. 

'Most reactions have been positive, some were negative, saying it's not real or disgusting but I don't really care... I think it's an honour!,” Ellen says. 

With over 6,000 comments, people around the world have had plenty to say about the heartwarming moment, with one user writing “That means to her YOU were literally the safest place for her to have her babies. 🥺 Imagine. 😭”

It seems others couldn’t agree more. “She must trust and love you so so much,” says one TikToker, a sentiment that was echoed by another who said “that cat trusts you with her soul.”

Others shared their own memories of being present while their cat gave birth. “That's what my cat did and if I've let her alone for a few moments she stopped birthing and cried for me until I've returned to her. Crazy experience.”

It took two hours for all five kittens to be born but we’re happy to report that both mother and babies are all doing well and are showing no ill-effects from their unusual home birth.

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