Watch: Owner pretends Rottweiler hurt her, dog’s sweet reaction will warm your heart

Woman pretending Rottweiler has bitten her
(Image credit: gangrottie/TikTok)

A TikTok video showing the adorable reaction of a Rottweiler who thought she’d hurt her owner has left us feeling all warm and fuzzy - and we’re not the only ones! 

Shared by the popular account @gangrottie, which has 1.9 million followers who tune in daily to see what it’s like to live with three Rottweilers, the clip shows the pup's owner pretending to be injured after her canine companion lightly mouths her.

Engaging in a moment of fun with her fur friend, the woman playfully waves her hand around near her dog’s face with the pup happily joining in on the teasing game and gently grabbing her hand with its mouth.

Right at that moment, the woman feigns being hurt and gasps loudly, telling the dog that she bit her. 


♬ dźwięk oryginalny - Gangrottie 🤎🖤

Shocked to think that she might have hurt her owner, the Rottweiler, who has no idea her mum is just playing pretend, quickly tries to make things right.

Opening the woman’s hand, the pup lovingly starts licking the pretend injury and touching it with its nose in an attempt to say sorry. 

Thankfully, the woman didn’t let her dog continue to think she’d injured her for too long, jumping in after just a few seconds to kiss her pup on the cheek and give her a big smile so she knew everything was okay. 

The clip has gone on to be viewed more than 2.3 million times since it was posted and netizens were quick to chime in with just how heart warming they found the whole scene with one user writing “She is sooooooo sweet!!!!” and another adding “That shows she has lots of respect for you.”

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