Meet ‘fluffy’ Pit Bull terrier, Ruby, who's surprising everybody with her unusual looks

Ruby the fluffy Pit Bull terrier
(Image credit: Reddit)

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but every so often comes along a particular pooch that will surprise everyone. Ruby the fluffy Pit Bull terrier is one such example.

Having first come to the Internet's notice thanks to this post on Reddit, she has since gained a lot of attention with her rather unusual physical traits – unusual for a Pit Bull terrier, at least.

Originally posted under the headline, ‘My Pittie has a rare recessive long-haired gene that makes her fluffy’, we are immediately greeted by Ruby, who is indeed, very fluffy. 

The post goes on to state that ‘According to the DNA test we did she’s 100% Pit Bull terrier’, so there’s no chance of mixed-breed status being to blame.

fluffy Pit Bull terrier Ruby

(Image credit: Reddit / @pinkmoon92)

Reddit poster u/pinkmoon92 – real name Greta Weber, hailing from Asheville, North Carolina – further elaborated on Ruby in an interview with Newsweek.

“We adopted her last September from a local shelter. When we adopted her the shelter said they thought she was a Pit Bull mixed with a Retriever and a Labrador – we assumed they were right because she really looked like all three breeds, but we wanted to get a DNA test because we were curious if there were other breeds in her.”

Pet DNA tests have become popular in recent years with owners interested in determining the genealogy of their pets. In this case, it managed to determine that Ruby’s fluffiness was the result of a rare recessive gene, so it definitely has a useful practical appliance.

Regardless, Ruby has proven popular with Reddit users, with the original post currently on 31,400 upvotes and counting.

“It's so fun watching people get joy out of Ruby,” says Greta. “I never expected the post to blow up like it did, but at the same time I'm not surprised because I know how amazing she is. We got super lucky and our lives are better every day with her.”

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