Maximino the opera cat upstages his owner's rehearsal in the best way

TikTok Opera Cat
(Image credit: on TikTok)

A TikTok featuring singer practicing some opera has gone viral after their cat interrupted their practice session. In the video (which you can check out below), Max the 'opera cat' is doing his best impression of the operatic singer and it's hilarious. 

His owner (who goes by Maura.Music on TikTok) is clearly a very talented opera singer and Max just wants to prove how much he's learned from her.

In the viral video, Maura starts to rehearse a song when Max suddenly jumps up on what is presumably the computer desk. Maura makes a face and tries to scoot him out of the way, but then he turns to face the camera and begins singing - kind of!

♬ original sound - maura music

What Max is doing is actually chirping, or trilling, which is a peep-like noise that sounds similar to a bird. Chirping can be a cat's way of showing that they're happy, or it can be a sign that your cat has spotted prey and is completely transfixed by it.

From the look of the video, it seems like Max has spotted something that he finds riveting: he's looking above the web cam (potentially at the light from it, or maybe outside of a window that's off camera), and chittering incessantly. He's not even looking at the camera, but he's putting on one impressive performance.

The video has gotten over 5 million views and 1.5 million likes at the time of writing, with comments like "how dare you try to take his solo! and "such a diva" making it clear that the Internet has fallen in love with Max the Persian opera cat. 

Maura posts other videos of Max's vocal talent, including one of her singing his name and him responding with soft meows, so if you want more opera cat in your life there's plenty to enjoy.

Persian cats aren't typically considering the most vocal cat breed, so it's extra-hilarious that Max has so much to say - and sing.