Dog barking when the doorbell rings? Try this trainer's genius hack to keep your pup calm

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If your canine companion barks up a storm whenever the doorbell rings, you’re not going to want to miss this expert trainer's easy hack that will help you teach your pup that the sound of the doorbell is nothing to fear. 

While training your pup using the best dog treats as positive reinforcement is an important step in getting your beloved bundle of fluff to do what you want them to do, professional K9 trainer, Antonio Diaz, reveals that treats are only one part of the puzzle.

In a video shared on TikTok that has been watched close to 280,000 times, Diaz shares the training hack he uses with his clients to get their dogs to stay cool, calm, and collected whenever the doorbell rings.

“It’s a lot easier than you think,” Diaz explains before proceeding to walk us through the specific technique he uses to stop unwanted barking. From using a voice recording app to record the sounds of your doorbell to getting your dog to go and sit quietly in their bed whenever they hear it, here are the steps that Diaz shares in more detail:


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Diaz says that when it comes to training, it’s important that you establish yourself as a pack leader with your dog so that they’re clear on who’s boss. “Being a Pack Leader means having the respect and attention of your dog,” he explains. “Pack Leaders make the rules and set the boundaries with clear communication, most of which is non-verbal.” 

“A well-led dog will often look to the Pack Leader for direction, guidance, and assurance. Pack Leaders do not bully or dominate their pack members into compliance or submission. They teach, guide, motivate and have reasonable expectations based on the current level of the dog's understanding.” 

With over one million followers on TikTok, Diaz’s video featuring his doorbell training hack has received over 32,000 likes and hundreds of comments from dog owners who are keen to give it a try.

“I'm so trying this. I take bentley to work so it is frustrating if someone rings the bell. I don't mind so much at home but I'd like to curb that too…,” one netizen wrote, while another said “I need this so badly! My GSD charges people coming in barking. He sniffs them and then is fine but need him not to do this!”

Others commented on how much Diaz’s content has helped them, with one user saying “I struggle with my two pups, they’re both under a year but your videos have helped me learn and I’m seeing a lot more progress with them. Thank you!”

Remember, training dogs with treats, regardless of what you’re wanting them to do, can take time, so be sure to be patient and consistent. If your dog continues to bark, we recommend seeking the guidance of an animal behaviorist or your vet, who will be able to offer you advice specifically tailored to your pup. 

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