Dog gets bitten by a deadly rattlesnake - and lives to tell the tale

dog bitten by rattlesnake
(Image credit: TikTok / @pacoandheadyplus7)

A dog has survived a deadly rattlesnake bite and his recovery story has gone TikTok viral. 

Echo, a Dachshund, is one of seven rescue dogs living with his human parents in Arizona, where there are plenty of dangerous animals running (or slithering about). 

According to his TikTok journey, Echo was bit by a rattlesnake about three weeks ago (warning: the video below is graphic), and was immediately taken to a vet.


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While dogs can survive rattlesnake bites, it's imperative that you seek treatment immediately, as the bites are life-threatening. 

Rattlesnake bites will often cause two large wounds that are spaced apart due to their large fangs, and there may be excessive bleeding as rattlesnake venom has a property in it which prevents clotting.

In this instance, a rattlesnake bit Echo on his head, so his poor little face swelled up in response to the bite, and his eye was severely injured. According to an Instagram post, Echo needed to have four vials of antivenom and a plasma transfusion to aid his recovery. 


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The first video featuring his initial bite story has over 12.7m views and tens of thousands of comments wishing Echo a swift recovery. 

His owners have reportedly racked up a vet bill of over $10,000 - but as of today, Echo has made some great strides towards getting better. 

His wounds have closed, his sutures are out, and his tail is wagging! He'll need to see a specialist to determine how his eye is healing, but from the latest TikTok posted, it's clear that he's in great spirits. 


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Echo's humans run a rescue called Lend-A-Bone in Tucson, Arizona. If you want to support them and their continued efforts to rescue pups (which includes extensive vet care), you can visit their website.

The director of Lend-A-Bone issued a statement via the aforementioned Instagram post urging snake training for dogs with high prey drive. 

"It is great at teaching dogs that snakes cause harm and they should steer clear. There are several trainers in town who offer this and we will also be looking more into them."

"Another option is a vaccine you can get for your pup about every 6 months that can help reduce the effects of the venom and save your pup from a really bad outcome. 

"These are both great options for those who encounter rattlesnakes around your home especially during the summer," the post reads. 

We're so happy to see Echo doing well after such a scary encounter.