Giant domesticated wild cat Pumba enjoys watching TV and is a real softie, says his owners

wild cat pumba
(Image credit: Instagram / @pumbacaracal)

Have you ever seen a domesticated wild cat? Here’s Pumba - a medium-sized wild cat known as a caracal. A species that is more commonly known to roam the wilds of Africa and parts of the Middle East, this particular feline lives with its owner in Latvia - a country in which it is legal to keep these animals as a pet. 

Deniss Jegorovs, who owns this domesticated wild cat, says that “Pumba hates being alone” and prefers “sitting next to us and watching TV in the evening.”

But what comes with owning such a big cat, is the big meals that you’ve got to feed them.

“We usually feed him three times a day. He also likes spending time with our two other cats, a Maine Coon and British Shorthair.”

And it’s not all purrs and cuddles though - being a wild animal, it’s understandable that Pumba shows his wild traits from time to time.

“Pumba is a very kind animal when you are not annoying him.”

Deniss admits that Pumba will sometimes hiss at them and even try to escape from the family home!

“Our main challenge is not to let Pumba escape from our territory, because it happened in the past and he could not find [his] way home, so we were searching for him for two days.”

“Also in the winter our lake turns into ice and Pumba tries to leave our territory crossing the lake. That is why we keep him inside in the winter.”

During the summer months, Pumba can be found living outside until it starts to turn cold in the autumn, which is when he is kept inside.

And there’s certainly no shortage of funny looks when members of the public spot Pumba - especially when they go out for a walk!

“People are usually excited to see Pumba for the first time, but some people are scared of him and ask if he is dangerous.” 

But, according to the animal’s owner, Pumba’s a big ol’ softie!

Chloe Petrylak

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