Dog meets kitten he thinks was adopted just for him and falls instantly in love

Dog meets kitten
(Image credit: @haakward/Instagram)

It’s not very often that we see dogs and cats being super affectionate towards each other, but this viral clip proves otherwise.

The Instagram video posted on a page named, ‘we rate dogs’, shows a loving dog and adorable kitten lounging on a couch and playing together in the cutest way. The clip was shared alongside the caption, ‘This is Guinness. He thinks his family adopted a kitten just for him. Nobody tell him otherwise.’

It’s no surprise that this clip touched the hearts of many netizens. So much so that it has been shared and circulated on social media, gaining a whooping 70,000 likes already. Many viewers flooded the post with supportive comments and various emoticons to express their reactions to the adorable clip.

One commenter agreed, ‘that’s HIS kitten. Who told you otherwise? BFF 4eva’, and another netizen gushed, ‘Guinness, your silver face is beautiful and your kitten is adorable!’ 

Other commenters shared their own pet-parent experiences with their cats and dogs. ‘They are the sweetest!!!’, one user mentioned, ‘I have six cats and one dog and the dog mothers all of the cats!! In fact the dog thinks he’s a cat!!’ While another commented, ‘Reminds me of my senior dog Bob and the kitten we adopted, Mina. Both have sadly passed but they had the best time together.’

It seems Guinness’s playful behaviour with his new ‘BFF’ will be the start of a beautiful friendship for many years to come.  If that didn’t make your heart melt, we don’t know what will!

Cynthia Lawrence

Cynthia Lawrence is freelance lifestyle journalist. Starting off her career in national magazines, she moved to digital and e-commerce publications. When she's not reviewing exciting products, she is obsessed with home interiors and her neighbour's cat!