Dog owners! Here's three things you should let your dog do to enjoy calmer and happier walks together

Woman walking with her dog in the forest
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Going for a daily walk with your dog has the potential to be a great stress-relieving activity that's brilliant for both your physical and mental health. But if you have a pup that pulls on the lead and likes to jump up and greet every passerby, it can quickly become something you dread doing.

Thankfully, expert dog trainer Piper Novick has come to the rescue with some fabulous dog walking tips to help both you and your dog enjoy a more relaxing stroll together.

In a video shared to Instagram, which you can view below, Novick says there are many normal dog behaviors that we need to let our pup's engage in when we're out walking - even if we've been told in the past that we need to avoid them. So, what exactly are these behaviors? Read on to find out!

1) Sniffing on walks: "Sniffing is an important function for dogs, it helps dogs gather information about their environment, it is mentally stimulating, a full body and brain workout! Sniffing is good for your dog!"

2) Walking ahead of you: "Dogs naturally move faster than humans, it's not a “bad” behavior or a show of dominance. Letting your dog walk ahead is completely okay!"

3) Peeing on things/marking: "This is a biologically normal behavior, some dogs mark more than others and there is nothing more to it. If the spot is appropriate, its okay!" 

While knowing how to stop a dog from jumping up to greet strangers and training them to walk well on a loose leash are important, it's equally vital that your dog is able to engage in normal doggy behaviors like the ones outline by Novick.

Try the above tips on your next leisurely stroll with your pup and you may just find that both you and your fur friend enjoy your time together a whole lot more. Happy walking! 

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