Dog rocks baby to sleep in unbelievably cute video

dog rocks baby to sleep
(Image credit: Twitter / @WeRateDogs)

An adorable video of a dog rocking a baby to sleep in their bouncer has gone viral on social media for its simplistic charm and seriously cute co-stars. 

Anyone who has ever had to look after a very young child can testify that any bit of help you have is greatly appreciated. It’s not an easy job, after all. In this case, that help comes from one of the most improbable of sources: a family’s pet Husky called Bowser.

Tweeted from WeRateDogs (@dog_rates), having originated from Instagram account The Juke Pack (@thejukepack), the video shows Bowser doing his best to help out his human family by nodding the baby’s bouncer.

Judging by the baby’s sleeping pose, Bowser’s efforts seem to have borne fruit. He seems very committed to taking his role seriously, and for that we can’t applaud him enough.

Thanks to WeRateDogs spreading the word, the video now has over 1 million views and counting at the present time. 

Reaction to the video has been aptly positive with one account saying, “What a good nanny absolutely perfect 10000/10”and another commenting, “The baby bouncer company would probably sell millions if a Bowser came with each sale.” 

“Never works a day in his life because he loves his job,” said another user. 

Bowser is part of a gang of six Huskies and Malamutes, whose escapades are chronicled by The Juke Pack on Instagram. They look like a very merry gang indeed, judging by what we’ve seen from their account.

Hopefully Bowser will continue to be a merry and loyal babysitter for his family for years to come. By the looks of it, this miniature human couldn’t be in safer paws!

Steve Wright

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