Talking Husky’s epic reaction to owner’s kisses goes viral

Meeka the talking Husky
(Image credit: Instagram / @meekathehuskyy)

It’s not unusual for loving owners to show their canine companions some love and affection but this adorable talking Husky's heartwarming reaction to being showered with kisses from her pet parent has broken the Internet!

A viral clip shows Meeka the Husky wearing an orange neck scarf next to her owner with the caption, ‘Giving my talking Husky a BUNCH of kisses to see her reaction!’ The owner proceeds to kiss the pooch several times before asking the dog, ‘do you like it?’ 

Right on cue, the vocal Husky reacts by barking a ‘yes’, and continues to ‘talk’ after lapping up more kisses. What’s even more touching is the caption, ‘I love the kisses dad’, to describe her elated behavior. 

Shared on Meeka’s very own Instagram page, using the handle, @meekathehuskyy, it’s no surprise that this adorable clip touched the hearts of netizens. In fact, this clip has already garnered 22,000 views so far with over a hundred comments. 

One user commented with, ‘Oh my god she is so adorable’, while another gushed, ‘I just love Meeka! Such a sweet baby.’ Others commenters simply reacted with several heart, smiles and love emoticons to express their feelings.

So if you’re ever feeling down, this video clip of Meeka the ‘talking’ Husky will certainly cheer you up and make you smile!

Cynthia Lawrence

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