Top tips for walking your dogs in the snow

A woman walking her dogs in the snow
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It’s that time of year when temperatures begin to drop and the wintery weather arrives, which commonly results in having to walk your dogs in the snow and ice. 

Many pooches love the frosty white stuff, whilst others aren’t so sure. But, however your four-legged friend feels about snow, it’s important to ensure that your dog is safe whilst out walking and upon their return home.

Grit and antifreeze

Gritting salt and antifreeze are both substances commonly used to melt away snow and ice on roads and pavements. 

If these chemicals remain on the dog’s paws or skin, they can cause serious burns or form uncomfortable ice balls in between the pads and toes. 

Antifreeze is also highly poisonous if ingested, which is why it is important to thoroughly wipe and check your dog’s feet, legs, and stomach every time you come in from a walk out in the snow.  

Keeping them warm

Whether you have a puppy, an older dog, or a short-haired breed, or perhaps a pooch suffering from a certain medical condition, it may be worth investing in the best dog coat you can find to keep them warm during the winter months. 

It may also be a good idea to use clothing and accessories that will make them more visible when walking in the dark, such as flashing collars or high-vis jackets. 

Safety first

As exciting as the snow is to pooches, dogs can often become disorientated and, if not on a lead, get easily lost. 

That’s why it’s also imperative that your pet is microchipped with an up to date address, as well as wearing a suitable collar and clear ID tag. 

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