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Best large dog bed: Find your big furry friend the perfect place to rest

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German shepherd fast asleep in the best large dog bed
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While you may think that finding the best large dog bed would be a mission, the truth is, it's never been easier, with more and more companies recognizing the specialized needs that bigger breeds have when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. 

The best dog beds are more than adequate for most pup's, but for our larger furry friends, they can lack the space and support they need to stretch out in comfort. That's where choosing a bed that's been designed for larger breeds can make all the difference.

Studies have shown that large dogs are more susceptible to conditions like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and Wobbler Syndrome, a neurological disease that causes neck pain, and they tend to have a much higher risk of suffering from muscular-skeletal issues later in life. A large dog bed can help relieve the discomfort associated with these health issues with bolster beds being particularly ideal to support and the head and neck and the best orthopaedic dog beds helping with muscle and joint pain throughout the body.

Like the best cat beds, larger dog beds come in a variety of shapes and sizes with some great features that can help make your life easier. Most will fit comfortably inside a dog crate, creating a safe and secure sleep spot for your forever friend, and if you choose one with a waterproof lining and machine washable cover, cleaning up any accidents will be a breeze.

Ready to find your furkid the perfect pad for them to stretch out on? Let's take a look at the best large dog beds on the market in 2021 so that your pup can get their beauty sleep in comfort.

PetsRadar's pick of the best large dog beds

  • Best overall large dog bed: Frisco Plush Orthopaedic Front Bolster Bed
  • Best budget large dog bed: Leo4dog Sofa SUN
  • Best orthopedic large dog bed: Big Barker 7" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large and Extra Large Breed Dogs
  • Best durable large dog bed: K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed
  • Best reversible large dog bed: Bedsure Large Dog Bed
  • Best outdoor large dog bed: SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog Bed, Elevated Pet Cot with Canopy
  • Best waterproof dog bed: JOYELF Large Memory Foam Dog Bed, Orthopedic Dog Bed & Sofa with Removable Washable Cover

Golden retriever on the Frisco Plush Orthopedic Front Bolster Bed

(Image credit: Amazon)

Frisco Plush Orthopaedic Front Bolster Bed

Best overall large dog bed

Sizes offered: Medium, large, x-large | Style: Bolster | Materials: Polyester, polyfill, orthopedic foam, memory foam | Washability: Machine washable cover

Dip in front allows for easy entry
Orthopedic foam
Bolsters for lounging
Not water-resistant
Not chewproof

For the best large dog bed that combines the most desirable features, check out the Frisco Plush Orthopaedic Front Bolster Bed. This bed touts its lowered front entry as unique, which may be helpful for dogs that might have difficulty climbing into a higher bed. It has three inches of foam - one inch of memory foam on top of two inches of orthopedic foam - to provide both comfort and support for your big pup’s joints. The bed is available in two neutral colors, beige, and gray. The extra large bed is 40 inches in length, which may not be big enough for a giant breed, but should be big enough for most large dogs. The Frisco Plush bed has an exterior of durable polyester, with a softer inner lining. The cover is removable for machine washing. Bolsters give large dogs room to lounge, and give it a more sofa-like look in your living room. Some customers cautioned that their dog didn’t like the bed because it was too firm, and that the lack of a waterproof or water-resistant lining is a negative for incontinent dogs or large puppies that are still learning.

Best large dog bed: Leo4dog Sofa SUN product shot

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Leo4dog Sofa SUN

Best budget large dog bed

Sizes offered: Small, medium, large, x-large, xxl, xxxl | Style: Sofa/cushion | Materials: Polyester, nylon, granulated foam | Washability: Machine washable cover

Easy to clean
Bolsters for support
Well padded
Less support
Measurements may be off

The Leo4dog Sofa SUN bed looks like an enclosed sofa. The high sides provide good resting places for your dog’s head or limbs if they like to sprawl out. Buyers enjoy the scratch-resistant durable surface, although the entire thing isn’t washable. The cushion in the centre of the bed is removable and machine washable, however. The Leo4dog Sofa SUN is filled with granulated foam, while still supportive, won’t be the same as orthopedic or memory foam. If your big dog does have legitimate joint and other issues, this may not be the bed for them. One complaint among customers - which seems to be a common one - is to pay close attention to the measurements. Apparently they include the bolsters, which are of course not part of the actual surface. The largest of the Leo4dog beds is 55 inches long, so it should fit all but the most giant breeds. It comes in four colors, and there’s also a cute decorative pillow that makes this dog bed look more like a real piece of furniture. 

Large dog bed: A german shepherd relaxing on the Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

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Big Barker 7" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large and Extra Large Breed Dogs

Best orthopedic large dog bed

Sizes offered: Large, x-large, giant | Style: Pillow or bolster | Materials: Microfiber, memory foam | Washability: Machine washable cover

Built like a mattress
Comes with a money-back guarantee
Sized for large and giant dogs
Waterproof liner sold separately

Fans of the Big Barker rave about how much their dogs enjoy sleeping on this large dog bed. It’s made of the same kind of foam used in human mattresses, and owners who have tried out the bed themselves mention how comfortable it feels to them. The Big Barker dog bed has a full seven inches of foam, so no part of your dog’s body will touch the floor. The company provides a 10-year money-back guarantee if the bed loses more than 90% of its loft and shape, which lets you know how much they believe in their product. A guarantee of any kind is rare in the dog bed business. 

The giant size is 60 inches long and 48 inches wide, which is wider than a twin-sized bed and sized for breeds such as Irish Wolfhounds and Great Danes. It comes in four colors, and has a microfiber cover that zips off for machine washing. Some owners complain about the lack of a waterproof liner, which is sold separately. However, if you’re concerned about accidents or big messes, it’s probably worth protecting your investment. Apparently not all dogs love this bed, but that’s going to be true of any dog bed that you buy. Check the refund policies! Big Barker also sells replacement covers, and there’s a version with a headrest as well. 

Large dog bed: K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed

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K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed

Best durable large dog bed

Sizes offered: Small, medium, large, x-large, giant | Style: Cot | Materials: Ripstop ballistic nylon, aluminium frame | Washability: Wipe or hose clean

Chew proof for most dogs
Variety of sizes
Good for crates
Sags in the middle
Can still be destroyed by tenacious dogs

Okay, it’s not really possible to make an entirely “chew proof” or indestructible dog bed. If a dog really wants to dig or tear a hole into a bed, nothing will stop him. According to reviews, however, the K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed comes as close as possible to being chew proof. The seller claims that they had to design their own fabric for the bed because Kevlar wasn’t strong enough. This bed can be used indoors and outdoors, and is advertized as being especially good for dogs who are kept in crates or kennels. It should fit well - measure first of course - and will keep them off the floor of the crate with no gaps. The giant sized bed is 50 inches long. Some sellers have complained that the bed sags too much for very heavy dogs, and that it can move because the legs aren’t skidproof. K9 Ballistics does claim a 120-Day warranty, meaning that if your dog chews through it within 120 days of purchase, they will replace the fabric. 

Bedsure Large Dog Bed

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Bedsure Large Dog Bed

Best reversible large dog bed

Size offered: Medium, large, x-large, xx-large | Style: Pillow | Materials: Oxford fabric and egg-crate foam | Washability: Machine washable cover

Relieves joint pain
Not suitable for heavy chewers

Your dog is going to love lazing about on this high-density egg-crate foam pillow, which evenly distributes your pets’ weight, alleviating pressure on their bones, supporting their joints, and relieving muscle pain. 

Available in a range of generous sizes, your pooch will be able to sprawl out comfortably and the versatility of the bed’s pillow shape means it can easily be popped in a crate, the back of a car, or in any room of your home.

The standout feature is the reversible design, which has a super-soft fleece on one side to provide warmth in the winter months and Oxford fabric on the other to keep your furkid cool in the summer.

Durable enough to hold up to light to moderate chewers and scratchers, it has a removable zippered cover that’s machine washable, making cleaning a breeze. This is a wonderful no-fuss dog bed at a great price. 

Large dog bed: A golden retriever lying on a SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog Bed

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SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog Bed, Elevated Pet Cot with Canopy

Best outdoor large dog bed

Sizes offered: Large, x-large | Style: Cot | Materials: Oxford cloth, mesh, steel | Washability: Machine washable cover

Indoor/Outdoor use
Difficult to assemble
Can’t be kept outside

Many large dog breeds thrive in the great outdoors, and enjoy adventures at beaches, lakes and more. The SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog Bed not only provides them with a cool and comfortable place to sleep, it has a canopy to keep them shaded. The bed part is a cot elevated about nine inches off the ground, which might help keep your doggy cleaner than lying directly on the ground. Air can circulate through the mesh openings. The metal tubing has supports so the bed won’t tip when your dog throws themselves on top for a snooze. A tent-like frame supports the canopy, which should help keep it from collapsing. One note though, the canopy isn’t waterproof or even water-resistant. Both your bed and the dog should be brought inside when the rain hits. Some customers complained that the metal tubing held water, but that’s probably why the seller suggests that you not keep it outside. In addition, the sun will fade the fabric and the bed won’t last as long. 

The SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog Bed comes with a carrying bag, and is available in brown, grey, and silver grey. The large bed should hold a dog weighing up to 100 pounds, and the x-large up to 120 pounds. The x-large bed is 48 inches long by 36 inches wide, so it might not be big enough for a giant breed. 

Large dog bed: Joyelf Dog Bed product shot

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JOYELF Large Memory Foam Dog Bed, Orthopedic Dog Bed & Sofa with Removable Washable Cover

Best waterproof dog bed

Sizes offered: Small, medium, large | Style: Bed | Materials: Memory foam | Washability: Removable washable cover

Super-soft memory foam
Easy to clean
Waterproof cover
Sides are not very supportive

If your dog is prone to a few little accidents in their old age then this bed is perfect for keeping them dry. The bed itself is super-soft and made from memory foam, which does take a few days to plump out, but once it does this is the ultimate luxury bed for your dog. This is perfect for larger dogs with joint problems and it has a big fluffy bolster for relaxing against too. The sides are not the most supportive if your dog likes to lean or sit with their head supported, but it would make a comfy pillow when it comes to sleeping.

The bed can hold dogs up to 100lbs and the bottom of the bed has a built-in rubber backing which will stop this large dog bed from sliding around when they're trying to get comfy. The cover is removable and machine washable so it’s super easy to clean regularly and it won’t get misshapen in the wash either. The bed also features a waterproof liner which protects against any accidents and keeps this dog bed fresher for longer.

How to choose the best…

Large dogs have large needs. Not only do they often need extra support for all of the joint and muscular problems that can go along with those breeds, their messes and destructiveness are also outsized. When choosing the best large dog bed, think about which features are most important to you overall. Keep in mind that just like many other aspects of having a large breed, the best large dog beds will cost more than beds for smaller dogs. In some cases, they’ll cost quite a bit more if you really want a high-quality, mattress-like bed. However, sometimes you get what you pay for, and beds that will last you a long time are worth it in the long run. For both you and your big boy or girl! 

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