Pet dog teaches baby how to crawl in adorable viral video clip

dog teaches baby how to crawl
(Image credit: Twitter / @susantananda3)

Canines have always made great companions, and this clip proves they can also become wonderful teachers. This adorable clip of a pet dog showing a baby how to crawl has instantly gone viral and has garnered over 113,000 views so far.

Posted on Twitter by user Susanta Nanda, the social media clip was captioned, “Teaching is a work of heart Doggy teaching the design & art of crawling to the baby is so beautiful.” 

We then see a baby lying on a mattress on the floor, alongside his cute Pomeranian dog.

The pooch is seen to be demonstrating how to crawl along the mattress, while the baby watches and imitates the movements of doggo. At one point in the 18-second-long clip, the pooch approaches the baby to express affection and encouragement as he guides the child along. 

It’s no surprise that this adorable clip has touched the hearts of many viewers who shared praise, joy and funny comments.

One netizen said, “Teaching and learning ... great to see how a baby is learning it from the doggy ... really good,” while another mentioned, “A very good and patient teacher.”

A third simply commented, “What a wonderful picture. Thank you, sir."

Similarly, one netizen shared their own experience with their doggo, “Our dog taught both my kids how to crawl. He was so disappointed when they started walking instead!”

Well, if that adorable clip didn’t melt your heart, we don’t know what will!

Cynthia Lawrence

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