Dog that fell 100 feet over the edge of a cliff during walk saved in daring rescue

Dog that fell 100 feet over the edge of a cliff rescued
(Image credit: RNLI)

A dog that fell 100 feet from the top of a cliff was dramatically rescued by emergency responders in an incident reported in the UK. 

Yogi, a spaniel, was being walked along the top of a cliff above St Mary’s Bay in Torbay, Devon when he slipped and fell. 

According to NDTV, his owner, Emily Linehan, immediately called 999 to request the help of the local coastguard.

Springing swiftly into action, a RNLI lifeboat found Yogi at the bottom of the cliff, shivering and – unsurprisingly – in a high amount of distress.

Despite some serious injuries, such as a shattered spine, nerve damage, fractured ribs, and a sore eye, Yogi was in strong enough condition to be led off a cliff by crew member Jack Hawkett, who lifted the dog off the rocks and onto the lifeboat.

From there, the lifeboat took Yogi back to dry land to be reunited with his relieved owner.

dog that fell ten feet rescued

(Image credit: RNLI)

“I'm so grateful to the crew. There are no words for how I feel right now,” said Ms Linehan in a press release put out by the RNLI. “I'm so impressed with how kind everyone was – all the crew were amazing. Yogi wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the RNLI.”

While Yogi’s injuries sound serious, after some emergency treatment by the local veterinary surgeon he was discharged, and is now recovering at home.

Reflecting on the incident, the RNLI lifeboat captain, James Hoare, said, “We're just so glad we found him quickly as he was cold and shaking as well as injured. We wish him all the very best and the fastest possible recovery.”

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