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10 dogs in the sun - meet the small fluffy sun worshippers

10 dogs in the sun - meet the small fluffy sun worshippers
(Image credit: @AstaLawl / Reddit)

It’s that time of year. With the sun making presence known, everyone’s flocking to the beach, parks, their gardens, or a spare patch of ground in order to catch the rays.

While we’ve become accustomed to cats doing their best to catch the rays, dogs are determined not to be left out of the action.

As dog owners will know, many dogs love nothing more than to lie out in the sun and catch up on their tanning time.

And as you will see from the upcoming photos, they are not shy to pose for the camera when such a need arises. Or maybe they’re just too relaxed/can’t be bothered to move. Ah well, who can blame them…

10 dogs in the sun

Bambi the toy poodle loves nothing more than stretching out in the sun, telling his fans: "I dream of summers that last fur-ever"

bambi the toy poodle enjoying the sun

(Image credit: @bambi_thetoypoodle / Instagram)

Don’t worry, these two dogs aren't playing dead. They’re simply seizing the day – or rather, the chance to catch the rays. 

dogs enjoy sun

(Image credit: daisy_the_dogsitter)

 Must get every inch of skin evenly tanned - don’t want tanlines, after all. 

dog sunbathing

(Image credit: @PersonNumberThree / Reddit)

 If you’re going to stay out in the sun, make sure you stay hydrated. This very good girl clearly knows this. 

dog sunbathes with water bottle

(Image credit: @bouncingwithcomfort / Instagram)

 Why settle down on any one of the comfortable-looking pieces of furniture when you could spread yourself across some nice hard decking? 

dog sunbathing

(Image credit: @coleandcoboutique / Instagram)

 You can see the logic: climbing up onto the table gets you that bit closer to the sun. Make him President.  

dog sunbathing

(Image credit: @McKnightmare / Reddit)

 Admittedly this pic is a bit blurry, but only because the cloud of smug emanating from this pup seems to be obscuring things a bit. 

dog sunbathing

(Image credit: @the.princesslulu / Instagram)

 Why leave the house when there is a perfectly rectangular piece of sunlight that almost precisely fits your body shape? Exactly, case closed. 

dog sunbathing

(Image credit: @freddytips / Instagram)

 The phrase, ‘let it all hang out’ has never been more literal.  

dog sunbathing

(Image credit: @cocoinminiature / Instagram)

 Get a good old wheeze on those rays… 

dog sunbathing

(Image credit: @AstaLawl / Reddit)
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