What is your dog’s personality type? New survey reveals all

What is your dog’s personality type? New survey reveals all
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Have you ever wondered what your dog’s personality type is? There’s a good chance that the answer is ‘no’. After all, dogs aren’t exactly renowned for keeping their cards close to their chests.

Even so, a new poll has revealed that, just like humans, dogs exhibit characteristics that point to a number of specific personality types they can be assigned to.

The poll, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Ollie, asked 2,000 dog owners various questions about their pet's personality, behavior patterns and characteristics. 

As you will see, the findings were pretty extraordinary. 70 percent of those surveyed claimed to be able to read their dog’s mind, while 74 percent said they were able to tell what their dog wanted. Delving further into the poll, 72 percent think they know what their dog will do before they do it.

While some questions seemed tied to the personality type, others were more universal: 35 percent described their dogs as loving, 32 percent as intelligent, and 33 percent as playful.

Once the results were gathered from the poll, this then allowed the surveyors to break the different personalities into six distinct groups:

  • The Guardian: Protective, imposing, and attached. They love their humans so much that they will purposefully position themselves to protect their adopted families 
  • The Family Dog: The perfect pet to have around young children: easy-going, playful, and gentle. 
  • The Class Clown: Highly entertaining in their goofy and clumsy disposition. They’ll more than likely accidentally break a few things, but you’ll let them off. 
  • The WatchDog: Very protective of their home, they’ll let you know if anything is up, constantly staying vigilant. The flipside of this is that they bark a lot. 
  • The Dedicated Worker: Full of energy, but at the same time reliable and obedient. You won’t catch them complaining on long walks. 
  • The Independent Thinker: Doesn’t mind being left to their own devices – at the same time, they’re highly inquisitive. 

Which type does your dog fit into? 

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