Rare albino dachshund becomes social media star

Duke the albino dachshund
(Image credit: Instagram / @duke_the.albino.dachshund)

This beautiful albino dachshund is finally living his best life despite being super sensitive to sunlight, being partially blind and deaf, and living with a condition that means his heart is too big.

In 2013, 38-year-old Mercedes Andrade from Texas, US, adopted Duke – and she wasn’t even looking to take home a four-legged friend! 

“Among the playing puppies, there he was, the smallest of them – a white, blue-eyed, pink-nosed cutie”, Mercedes recalls.

She’d only planned on paying the pups a visit but knew she couldn’t leave him behind.

“He chose us to be his family, not the other way around. He knew that he would be in a safe and happy home.”

And now, Duke has been enjoying life ever since.

Under the Instagram handle @duke_the.albino.dachshund, Mercedes shares pictures of Duke in various outfits, including some snazzy shades for when he goes outside.

Showered with love and affection – both in real life and online – it sounds like Duke is used to living the popular life.

“I normally get a lot of messages on his Instagram saying that he’s absolutely beautiful and when I read his messages to him, it’s like he knows how special he really is”, Mercedes explained.

But being Duke isn’t all that easy.

The all-white pooch must wear sunscreen and a hat when venturing out into the sunshine, to ensure that his skin doesn’t burn.

Nevertheless, Duke still loves to play and run around like any other dog, and looks to older sister Dior the dachshund should he ever need any assistance.

Chloe Petrylak

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