If your dog pulls on the leash, this trainer's one genius tip is what you need

Golden Retriever pulling on lead
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Most of us consider our canine companions to be fully-fledged members of the family. From playing a game or two with one of the best puppy toys to cuddling up on the couch after a long, hard day, being a pet parent is pretty amazing. 

But while the joy our fur friends bring to our lives makes almost all of the challenges worth it, one thing that can prove to be an endless source of frustration is leash pulling when we're trying to enjoy a nice walk in the great outdoors.

It's a common complaint and an experience that can make those daily walks seem like more of a chore than a fun relationship building activity. Thankfully, trainer Adam Spivey has a simple tip that can put an end to leash pulling once and for all.

So, what's the secret? Well, in a video shared to Instagram, which you can view above, Spivey has this to say:

"Instead of pulling back, yanking, or restraining, pull up," he advises. "Up slows the dog down, back creates this desire to pull more."

Spivey explains that when professionals are training dogs in bite work, they deliberately pull back on the leash to create a feeling of restraint that makes the dog want to drive forward. However, when it comes to leash training, this is a big mistake.

"We unintentionally apply this technique to dogs when we want them to stop pulling forward, we unintentionally frustrate the dog. Pull up on a short but relaxed lead and then relax. Up then relax and your dog will slow down."

It's worth remembering that training your dog takes time, patience, and consistency. If you find you're not seeing any positive results after a few weeks of applying Spivey's technique, we recommend reaching out to a professional dog trainer who will be able to offer you some 1:1 support. 

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