Is your feline friend happy? Trainer reveals the four signs to look out for

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If you have a feline friend in your family, chances are you're keen to ensure they stay physically and mentally fit and well.

But while feeding them a diet of the best cat food and making sure they get to the vet for a regular check up are easy ways of making sure your kitty's body stays strong, how do you know if your cat is content?

Well, according to trainer Jackson Galaxy, the signs of a happy cat are actually quite easy to spot. 

To help make sure you know what they are, Galaxy has shared a video to TikTok in which he shares four of the most common ways your cat communicates their happiness.

Read on to find out what they are...


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1. Their tail is in the backward question mark position: Galaxy says this is a great sign that your kitty is feeling super confident. "They're walking around like they own the space but in a very happy way."

2. Making biscuits: "Whether they're doing it on a blanket or especially when they do it on you, (even though sometimes it hurts!), it's a sign that they are sort of regressing back to kittenhood where they just feel nice and peaceful and relaxed," Galaxy explains. "This is the way they would get milk out of mom, so it's like you're their mom."


♬ original sound - Jackson Galaxy

3. They expose their tummy: "Happiness is about trusting. When your cat is laying around with their tummy exposed, this means they feel safe," says Galaxy. "They don't care about that primal fear of a predator coming up to them."

4. They give you the slow blink: Galaxy says this is very much your cat's way of telling you they love you. "If you do it to your cat and they do it back to you, that's a happy, loving cat."

So there you have it, four things to be on the look out for that will let you know you have one content little kitty on your hands!

And if you're at all worried your feline friend might be feeling blue, check out these signs your cat isn't getting what it needs to be happy and consult your vet who will be able to rule out any underlying physical or mental health issues. 

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