Watch: Is this kid effortlessly commanding a Rottweiler the world’s youngest dog trainer?

A rottweiler sits obediently for a small Kenyan boy
(Image credit: Mohamed Michuki)

Another day, another mind-blowing TikTok video! One five year old boy has gone viral for his natural ability to command a Rottweiler – something that many fully grown adults struggle with!

This mini Dr Doolittle can be seen controlling the mighty pooch with simple command words, to which the dog responds obediently.

In the adorable video, posted by Mohamed Michuki, the child can be seen commanding the dog with “Sit!”, “Down”, “Here!” and instructions to run around a series of objects. The video was filmed at Baxton Dog Training Academy in Kenya – and it looks like they’ve got their newest (and youngest) trainer recruit ready and raring to go! He must have learned from some of the best!


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Of course, TikTokers are more than impressed by this little boy’s effortless mastery over the animal and his seemingly special power to communicate with and subdue such a powerful pup – who could easily tower over the kid on its hind legs, not to mention overpower with ease.

Hagu astutely exclaims: “Not all about age, height or bela bela it’s all about leadership !!!!”

User4614786602734 comments: “That is what ALL dog owners should do.... My Pit Bull is exactly like this little boy's dog.” Green finger says: “A master in training 🥰”, while Brown says: “he is a natural dog trainer, a very lofty position in the private security institutions.”

Jane Newman commends the boy: “Absolutely amazing the two of you, well done young man and your beautiful dog”, while Thero is thoroughly moved: “I love them both very impressive.” 

It’s so impressive, Mania Jerry asked where they can find this little trainer: “Where are you located? I want you to train my dog.” And they aren’t the only ones interested in the little guy’s skills!

A Rottweiler sits obediently for a 5 year old Kenyan boy

(Image credit: Mohamed Michuki)

While Rottweilers are strong, menacing looking dogs often used as guard dogs, they make excellent companions when trained and are very intelligent – meaning they respond well to training, as illustrated in the video. While they have an incredibly powerful bite and can weigh up to 130lbs (the boy could easily be toppled by his pooch), they are also sensitive and gentle animals, who love to be affectionate and friendly. 

Rudolph Cheltenha528 notices the excitement in the dog: “That dog loves him badly, his tail shows it”. Møvin like ThaT says “That’s the first rotty I've seen with a full tail.”

Unfortunately, many Rottweilers are subject to tail docking. This dog, however, has its natural long tail which helps them to move and balance. Many of the commenters have picked up on this, commenting that they rarely see the breed with undocked tails. Tail docking is by and large illegal in most countries, but it still goes on illegally. 

As the video shows, the clever mutt is having a great time responding to its brother’s training. Perhaps he will show the pup some tricks next – we’d love to see it!