Loving obituary for Charlie the golden retriever goes viral on Twitter – and helps other pet owners deal with their grief

(Image credit: Sallie G Hammett)

Since losing Charlie the golden retriever to lymphoma earlier this month, Sallie Hammett, from Greenville, South Carolina, decided to celebrate his memory with a loving tribute.

Her obituary, posted on her Twitter page (@SallieGHammett) on September 23, went viral and has been liked over 110,000 times, retweeted over 10K times, and has more than 3K comments from people sharing condolences and pet photos.

“I wanted to get down all of his quirks,” she told TODAY.com. “Not that I think I’ll ever forget them, but I wanted to immortalize them and write down every little thing, like him hating stairs and loving peanut butter and all that stuff. I wanted him to be recognized for how important he was to me.”

The online response has really helped Sallie with her grief.

“It’s been a distraction because I have a new dog picture to look at every two minutes, which was an unrealized dream of mine,” she said. 

“It’s been so overwhelming but heart-warming, too, because it’s made me feel like my grief is shared, and it’s just so cool that so many people are getting to know Charlie.”