Man’s comical fake snoring technique keeps nosy Great Dane from interrupting his nap

Nosy Great Dane trying to interrupt owners nap
(Image credit: YouTube)

While owning a pet is an incredibly rewarding experience, as this nosy Great Dane proves, it's not without its challenges!

One of which is the question of getting sleep. Either you may have been disturbed by some late-night howling, or your dog might decide to get up close and personal in order to wake you up, like Oliver, the subject of this video.

As the video shows, while his owner is desperate to get some sleep, Oliver simply won’t allow it, getting right in his face whenever he tries to get some shuteye.

“I was trying to sleep but he wouldn’t let me”, said his owner to ViralHog. 

Luckily, he came up with a defense mechanism. Whenever Oliver got a bit too close, his owner would let out a loud snore, causing Oliver to flinch back. Clearly, he wasn’t expecting this, and while he doesn’t know what’s going on, he knows that the snoring noise isn’t a nice one. Saying that, it doesn’t stop Oliver from going back for a second look. Or a third.

Even Oliver’s courage has its limits, however. After repeatedly investigating his sleeping owner, Oliver eventually decides that enough is enough, and settles down, his will defeated.

While some may see this as being a bit mean, boundaries need to be taught. If your dog feels comfortable about waking you up whenever they want something, you won’t ever get any peace.

It may be funny initially, but the charm will quickly wear off after the fifth consecutive night of no sleep. While we’re not sure if the solution put into place by Oliver’s owner is one that would be recommended by veterinary professionals, we certainly can’t deny its effectiveness.

Steve Wright

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